Taxi Driver
8x19 Bobby+SamInPurgatory2
Production information
Season : 8
Episode : 19
Original airdate : 3 April, 2013
Directed by : Guy Norman Bee
Written by : Eugenie Ross-Leming
Brad Buckner
Preceded by : Freaks and Geeks
Followed by : Pac-Man Fever

Taxi Driver is the nineteenth episode of Season 8 of Supernatural.


After discovering the second trial to close the gates of Hell - sending an innocent damned soul to Heaven - Sam and Dean team up with rogue reaper Ajay to complete the trial, and Ajay sends Sam into Purgatory to rescue the late Bobby from Hell. But when Crowley learns about this and stops Ajay from bringing Sam and Bobby back from Purgatory, Dean must go to Benny to ask for a terrible favour. Meanwhile, Kevin is being tormented by visions of Crowley, and no-one can tell what is reality and what is illusion for him.

Full synopsisEdit

On Fizzles' Folly, Kevin is being plagued and tormented by Crowley's voice in his head, taunting him and causing him to hallucinate losing his limbs. Kevin panics and believes that Crowley has gotten into his head and so might know where he and the demon tablet are, and becomes increasingly secluded and paranoid. Despite this, Kevin still calls Sam and Dean over to the boat to tell them that he's finished translating the second trial from the tablet - to rescue an innocent soul from Hell and send it to Heaven. In order to find out how they can do the second trial, Sam and Dean summon and then trap a crossroads demon to interrogate and to find out how they can infiltrate Hell unnoticed for the second trial. They learn from the demon that there are rogue reapers who know secret ways in and out of Hell and other realms, and who use their powers and secrets to smuggle people and souls between realms.

Sam and Dean drive to a seedy downtown neighbourhood to meet with Ajay, a taxi driver who's actually a rogue reaper. Sam and Dean are shocked to learn that Ajay knows who the Winchesters are because he's the reaper who took Bobby Singer's soul to Hell - Ajay explains that the original assumption that ghosts cease to exist when they're vanquished is incorrect, and that Bobby's soul was meant for Heaven but was instead smuggled to Hell on Crowley's orders. Dean wants Ajay to sneak both him and Sam into Hell and then back out with Bobby, but Sam insists that he has to do the trials by himself and that he won't mess this up. Ajay subsequently leads Sam away into an alley (unaware of a demon possessing a homeless man spying on them), where Ajay opens a portal that takes him and Sam into Purgatory.

Upon discovering where they are, Sam is angered that Ajay sent him to Purgatory instead of Hell, but Ajay explains that this is part of his secret way into Hell since Purgatory is Hell-adjacent. Ajay gives Sam instructions to follow Purgatory's stream until he reaches a point where three trees meet, which is where Sam will find a 'backdoor' portal into Hell. Ajay then tells Sam that he will return at this exact spot in exactly 24 hours to pick Sam up, before returning to Earth, leaving Sam alone in Purgatory to find his way into Hell. Back on Earth, Dean brings lunch for Kevin at Fizzles' Folly, and finds that Kevin's fear of Crowley has escalated to the point he's hiding himself away in the boat's warded closet. Dean gets Kevin to come out, if only for the food, and has a heart-to-heart with Kevin about how hard this life is for him - Dean admits that this won't end and is Kevin's life now, but he also promises Kevin that once he accepts the hardship and pushes through, it'll be much easier for him.

Back at the downtown neighbourhood, Crowley arrives to talk to an intimidated Ajay about him being seen with the Winchesters. Ajay admits that due to his moonlighting as a freelance rogue reaper he helped Sam slip into Hell, and after learning Ajay doesn't know anything else about what the Winchesters are up to, Crowley kills Ajay with an angel blade so he can't bring Sam back. Crowley is growing increasingly frustrated and concerned about what Sam and Dean are up to, with how they've killed his hellhound and are now trying to break into Hell, and orders his demon henchwoman to find Kevin and his half of the demon tablet.

Meanwhile back in Purgatory, Sam is making his way through the monster realm, killing a monster that attacks him along the way and taking its blade as a weapon. Sam eventually finds the three meeting trees Ajay told him about, and uncovers the hidden gateway, which takes him through into Hell. In Hell, Sam finds himself in a dark, horrific labyrinth of torture dungeons, where the souls damned to Hell are mutilated and are either locked up in cells or manacled on the walls. Sam eventually finds Bobby in one of the cells, but Bobby attacks him when he goes in. Bobby is convinced that Sam is another in a long line of demon impostors playing with his mind, before Sam proves it's the real him having come to get Bobby out by mentioning all of Bobby's most private secrets. Sam leads Bobby back through the hellish labyrinth towards the portal back to Purgatory, encountering and fending off several demons along the way.

Back at Fizzles' Folly, Kevin returns from a walk outside, and Dean learns that Kevin went out to hide the demon tablet in case Crowley finds it through Kevin's hallucinations of him. Dean is furious and demands that Kevin tell him where the tablet is, but Kevin ignores him and retires to his room. Naomi then suddenly appears to talk with Dean. Naomi spins the truth about brainwashing Castiel, to make her machinations with Cass and the angel tablet sound more benevolent and unintentional than they really were, though Dean remains distrustful of Naomi due to his bad experience with angels. Naomi tells Dean that the reason she called is to give him the information about how Ajay's secret way into Hell is through Purgatory, before disappearing to let Dean think about that. Dean heads back to the downtown neighbourhood to talk to Ajay about this, only to find Ajay dead.

Meanwhile back in Purgatory, Sam is making his way with Bobby back to where he's supposed to meet up with Ajay to return to Earth, all the while discussing the trials and what else has happened in Bobby's absence. Bobby is at first hopeful that once they make it back to Earth he can rejoin Sam and Dean on hunting there, but Sam sadly explains to Bobby that that won't be possible - because they need to send Bobby to Heaven to complete the trial, and even so, there's nothing to tie Bobby to Earth anymore after his body and his flask were both burned. Bobby laments a little but accepts it. The pair reach the landing spot where Sam arrived with Ajay, just in time, but Sam is distressed when Ajay doesn't come. As Sam and Bobby are left waiting in Purgatory at the site, Bobby finds out about how Dean spent a year stuck in Purgatory and fighting for his life, and is appalled to learn that Sam chose to uphold their agreement (that neither brother would bring the other back if they died) rather than try to get Dean back (with Bobby citing that agreement as a "non-agreement" which he'd never expected Sam and Dean to ever follow).

Back on Earth, with Ajay dead and Sam trapped in Purgatory, Dean regretfully calls Benny to ask for a big favour from him to save Sam. Benny meets up with Dean at the seedy downtown neighbourhood, where Dean sadly reveals what the favour he's asking is - to kill Benny, so as to send his soul back to Purgatory where he can guide Sam and Bobby to the human escape hatch back to Earth. Though Dean understands if Benny doesn't want to do this, and intends for Sam to take Benny's soul back to Earth with Bobby's so that Dean can resurrect Benny again afterwards, Benny agrees to help; admitting that he's had trouble adjusting to life in this world without hurting people, and that he just doesn't belong here. Dean and Benny then sadly get ready, and after shaking hands goodbye, Dean beheads Benny.

Back in Purgatory, as they wait for Ajay, Sam and Bobby come under attack by a group of monsters, one of which almost overruns Bobby before Benny arrives in time to kill it. Benny explains why Dean killed him and sent him here (with Bobby being disgusted to learn that Dean has become friends with a vampire while he was gone), then leads Sam and Bobby through the monster realm to find the escape portal that can take them back to Earth, with Sam getting to know Benny better along the way. Once the trio find the portal, Sam uses the soul-absorbing spell on Bobby to carry Bobby's spirit inside him back to Earth, but Benny rebuffs Sam when the latter goes to do the same for him. Before they can argue about it, a group of vampires attack, and Benny willingly stays behind to fend the vamps off while Sam gets to the portal with Bobby's soul. Sam reluctantly reaches and enters the portal without Benny, and catches a last glimpse of Benny getting overrun before the portal zaps Sam out of Purgatory.

In the 100-Mile Wilderness, Maine, Dean arrives in time as Sam emerges from the portal back to Earth. Dean is deeply saddened to learn that Benny didn't make it back, but Sam tries to assure Dean that Benny saved his life and didn't seem to want to come back anyway. Sam then releases Bobby's soul so Bobby can ascend to his rightful place in Heaven, but suddenly, Crowley arrives and pins the Winchesters back and stops Bobby's ascent. Crowley intends to send Bobby's soul back to Hell, but just before he can, Naomi arrives to stop him. Intending to see that the Winchesters succeed in defeating Crowley and closing the gates of Hell, Naomi scares Crowley off with a show of power, then releases Bobby's soul to resume his ascent, and Bobby disappears into Heaven before Naomi vanishes too. With the second trial done, Sam recites the Enochian finishing-incantation, and collapses in pain as the energy in his body accepts the second trial's completion.

As Sam and Dean drive back to Fizzles' Folly, Dean tells Sam that he's buried rather than burned Benny's body so that there's still a possibility that he can be brought back. Sam doesn't protest, affirming that Benny was different than he'd first thought and that Dean should leave that door open if he feels it's the right thing to do. Meanwhile back at the boat, Crowley's voice returns in Kevin's head. The demon-warding protecting the boat is destroyed when a blast shatters the windows, and Crowley appears on the boat before Kevin. Crowley tells a distraught Kevin that he tracked down, tortured and killed Kevin's mother and got Kevin's location off her smartphone, and Crowley then attacks Kevin offscreen. When Sam and Dean arrive at the boat, the windows and warding are intact with no sign they were ever damaged, but Kevin is gone along with all his notes and research. Unaware that Kevin's visions of Crowley were real and that Kevin is now in the King of Hell's hands, Dean is led to assume that Kevin snapped and ran for it.









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