The Beautiful Room
4x22 BeautifulRoomMain
Geographical information
Whereabouts : Van Nuys, California
Production information
Appearance(s) : Lucifer Rising
Point of No Return
Filming location : TBA

The Beautiful Room is a supernaturally-malleable place which the angels used at the time of the Apocalypse as a 'green room' and/or shelter for humans who were crucial to their plans.


The Beautiful Room can be accessed from an abandoned factory in Van Nuys, California. There is an office shack located inside the warehouse, and when one steps into the shack through its doors, instead of entering the shack's real interior, they will enter the Beautiful Room through its main doors. The size of the Beautiful Room's interior in comparison to the shack's real interior, combined with the fact that the Beautiful Room can revert to the shack's dusty office interior when not in use, could imply that the Beautiful Room is probably a sort of pocket dimension. (Point of No Return)


The Beautiful Room appears as a very regal and luxurious-looking hotel room, which possessed many antique-looking ornaments, instruments and pieces of furniture, and had portraits of various biblical illustrations across the walls. These paintings' images could change depending upon what was immediately happening or being discussed in the Beautiful Room; from pastoral scenes to darker scenes of the Apocalypse. (Lucifer Rising, Point of No Return)

The Room could also conjure up a platter of the food and an iced bowl of the drinks that the current occupant had found the most enjoyable in their entire life - right down to making the food and drinks identical not only in brand but even in where and when they came from for the occupant. (Lucifer Rising)

The Beautiful Room had one set of doors in and out, and the angels controlling the Room could instantly reconfigure it to remove the door, so as to trap the Beautiful Room's occupant inside if they became troublesome and wanted to leave. The Beautiful Room could also instantly regenerate any damage caused to its walls. (Lucifer Rising)


5x18 BeautifulRoomOfficeShack

The normal interior of the office shack where the Beautiful Room is located. (Point of No Return)

When the last one of Lucifer's seals was about to be broken in 2009, Castiel and Zachariah teleported Dean Winchester away to the Beautiful Room to keep him there as a safe place until he could be taken to fulfil his destiny as Michael's vessel. When Dean grew impatient with waiting in the Beautiful Room while the final seal was about to be broken and was about to leave, Cass removed the Beautiful Room's doors to keep Dean imprisoned inside. After Dean learned that the angels actually wanted Lucifer to be freed, he convinced Cass to help him escape. Cass used an angel-banishing sigil to incapacitate Zachariah, then teleported Dean out of the Beautiful Room. (Lucifer Rising)

Zachariah reused the Beautiful Room eight months later, when he apported Adam Milligan to the Beautiful Room and held him there as bait to lure Dean in. When Sam and Dean came to the Beautiful Room to rescue Adam, Zachariah summoned Michael down from Heaven to possess Dean. As Michael arrived at the Room and manifested in his true form, Dean killed Zachariah and managed to escape with Sam, but Adam was trapped in the Beautiful Room with Michael. Michael then took Adam and left, causing the Beautiful Room to vanish from the Van Nuys factory with them. (Point of No Return)


  • Though the producers refer to the room as 'the Green Room,' both by the characters onscreen and in Supernatural: The Official Companion - Season 5, it is called 'the Beautiful Room.'
  • The burgers in the Beautiful Room have been suggested by a few fans to represent the biblical Forbidden Fruit - in Lucifer Rising, Dean was about to eat a burger before Cass arrived to get him out of the Room and stopped him; while in Point of No Return, Adam succeeded in eating the burgers.

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