The Colt
1x20 ColtMain
Historical information
Creator : Samuel Colt
Use(s) : Can kill nearly any being in creation
Key to the Wyoming devil's gate
Users : Crowley
Daniel Elkins
Dean Winchester
John Winchester
Sam Winchester
Samuel Colt
Affected creatures : Demons
Nearly any entity in creation
Production information

The Colt is a legendary supernatural revolver, originally created by Samuel Colt, which has the ability to kill almost anything in existence regardless of supernatural invulnerability. The Colt originally possessed thirteen bullets which were all used up, and new bullets retaining the gun's supernatural-killing power were afterwards made for it.


2x22 AzazelDeath

A demon is destroyed by a shot with the Colt. (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2)

The Colt was designed to be capable of killing anything, including supernatural entities which are usually very difficult to destroy. When supernatural bullets made specifically for the Colt were fired from the gun, any targeted supernatural being that the bullet mortally hit would swiftly perish with a flash of internal supernatural energy. However, like with most supernatural-killing weapons, the bullet would have to hit a vital part of the target's body in order to be fatal, and a shot that would be conventionally non-fatal to a human (such as one to the leg) will simply injure and weaken the shot entity. (Devil's Trap)

The Colt has proven to be capable of killing many different kinds of supernatural creatures and entities; it has been successfully used to kill demons, vampires and phoenixes. (Dead Man's Blood, Devil's Trap, Frontierland, et al.) However, the Colt was unable to kill Lucifer, although the shot did still cause Lucifer pain. According to Lucifer, there are only five things in all of creation, himself included, that the Colt cannot kill. (Abandon All Hope...)

1x20 ColtKillsVampire

A vampire is killed by a shot with the Colt. (Dead Man's Blood)

Though it is possible to recreate new bullets for the Colt which work as effectively with the gun against supernaturals as the original thirteen did, it is apparently difficult without the correct help and knowledge. (Sin City) Also, while the Colt's bullets are very effective at killing many different kinds of supernaturals, they still aren't (at least as heavily) protected against supernatural telekinesis; Astaroth once deflected a shot from the Colt at her by telekinetically halting the bullet mid-air. (Malleus Maleficarum)

Its massive supernatural-killing capability isn't the Colt's only purpose; the gun is also a key, capable of opening the sealed devil's gate that its creator built in Wyoming, when the gun is inserted into the doors' lock. (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2)


1x20 ColtCreation

The Colt's creation in 1835. (Dead Man's Blood)

Early historyEdit

The Colt was created by Samuel Colt in 1835, when Halley's Comet was overhead, during the Battle of the Alamo. According to the legend of the Colt, Samuel Colt made the gun and its original thirteen bullets for another hunter, who apparently used the Colt five or less times before he disappeared with the gun. (Dead Man's Blood)

By 1861, the Colt was back in Samuel Colt's possession, until he gave it to Sam and Dean Winchester (who had come from 2011) so the Winchesters could use the gun to kill the phoenix Elias Finch in Sunrise, Wyoming. When Sam and Dean killed Finch with the gun and immediately afterwards returned to their time, the Colt was left lying in the street of Sunrise, and it is unknown what happened to it after this. (Frontierland)

Against AzazelEdit

6x18 ColtKillsPhoenix

The Colt kills the phoenix Elias Finch in 1861. (Frontierland)

By 1973, the Colt and its remaining bullets were in the possession of Daniel Elkins, (In the Beginning) and Elkins retained ownership of the gun until in 2006 (by which time only five of the Colt's original bullets were left), when vampires killed Elkins and took the gun. Sam, Dean and John Winchester shortly afterwards took the Colt from the vampires, using one of its bullets in the process, in hopes of using the gun to kill Azazel. (Dead Man's Blood) In the Winchesters' mission against Azazel, all but one of the gun's remaining four bullets were used, (Devil's Trap) and John subsequently handed the Colt over to Azazel as part of a deal with the demon to save Dean's life. (In My Time of Dying)

2x22 ColtUnlocksHell

The Colt unlocks the gates of Hell. (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2)

In early May, 2007, Azazel gave the Colt to Jake Talley and sent Jake to use the Colt as the key to open the devil's gate in Wyoming. Jake succeeded in using the Colt to open the gate, and Dean then took the Colt back and successfully shot and killed Azazel with the Colt's last remaining bullet. (All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2)


After all of the Colt's original bullets were used up, (Season 1, All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2) Bobby Singer began experimenting with the gun and trying to develop new bullets for the gun that could exercise the Colt's supernatural-killing power against demons as the original bullets had done. (Sin City) Eventually, with help from Ruby, Bobby succeeded in making new supernatural-killing bullets for the gun, and Sam and Dean subsequently began using the Colt as a demon-killing weapon against demons again. (Season 3) However, Bela Talbot eventually managed to steal the Colt from Sam and Dean, (Dream a Little Dream of Me) and gave it to Lilith's right-hand man, the crossroads demon named Crowley, in a failed effort to trade the gun for ownership of her soul. (Time Is on My Side)

5x10 ColtFailsOnLucifer

The Colt fails to kill Lucifer. (Abandon All Hope...)

The Colt remained in Crowley's possession for over a year, until in late 2009, Crowley willingly gave the gun to Sam and Dean in hopes that the Winchesters could use it to kill Lucifer and stop the Apocalypse. The Winchester brothers subsequently tracked Lucifer down to Carthage, Missouri to shoot him with the Colt, but the Colt failed to kill Lucifer due to his immunity to its killing power. (Abandon All Hope...) It is unknown what happened to the Colt after this, and it was not seen again.

In Season 12 Episode 12 (Stuck in the Middle (With You)), the Colt was found to be in the possesion of a Prince of Hell named Ramiel. Mary Winchester then stole it from him in the same episode, and subsequently gave it to the British Men of Letters (as she was asked to do by them). When Sam comes to the British Men of Letters' temporary base (Season 12 Episode 14 (The Raid)), he reclaims the Colt, has the British Men of Letters make more of Bobby's spelled bullets, and assasinates the Alpha vampire with it. At the end of the episode, Sam ends up taking the Colt with him -no questions asked-. In episode 19 of season 12, Dagon (another prince of hell) melts the barrel off of the gun, possibly rendering it destroyed.

Alternate realitiesEdit

5x4 FutureColtWithDean

Dean's present and future selves with the Colt in an alternate 2014. (The End)

In an alternate future where Sam and Dean had remained separated after the early days of the Apocalypse, the Colt remained in the demons' possession for the following five years, and was regularly moved around to many places by the demons to keep it out of the Winchesters' hands. In 2014, Dean finally retrieved the Colt from the demons, and hoped to use it to kill Lucifer after tracking him down. However, Dean ultimately failed when Lucifer defeated and killed him during this assassination attempt. (The End)



  • Following Lucifer's revelation in Abandon All Hope... that he and four other things are the only things in existence immune to the Colt's killing power, there has been much debate among fans about what these other four things are, whether they are four individuals or four different species, and whether they are four things universally or four things that are part of God's creation. However, it is widely agreed that God, Death, Michael and the Darkness are most likely to be immune to the Colt.
  • Though it wasn't confirmed what happened to the Colt between Frontierland and In the Beginning, fans have suggested that after it was left abandoned in the street when Sam and Dean killed Finch, the bartender Elkins found and stored it, confirming that he was Daniel Elkins' ancestor and explaining how the Colt wound up in Daniel's possession.
  • The effect used for when demons are killed by the Colt has varied; between an electrical blue flash over their vessels (in Devil's Trap and Frontierland) to a similar internal orange flash to that seen when demons are killed by angel blades or the demon knife (in All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2, Season 3 and Abandon All Hope...).