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The Executioner's Song
Production information
Season : 10
Episode : 14
Original airdate : 17 February, 2015
Directed by : Phil Sgriccia
Written by : Robert Berens
Preceded by : Halt & Catch Fire
Followed by : The Things They Carried

The Executioner's Song is the fourteenth episode of Season 10 of Supernatural.


"Dean, Sam and Castiel deal with Cain's return. Crowley and Rowena continue to grow closer but when Crowley bails on plans with his mother to help the Winchesters, Rowena lets him have it."[1]

Full synopsisEdit

In West Livingston, Texas, Cain slips into a secure penitentiary unit using his teleportation, going after serial killer and death row inmate Tommy Tolliver in his cell. Cain stabs Tommy with a blade, then teleports back out with his body. The bizarre case of Tommy vanishing from his secure cell like that eventually catches Sam and Dean's attention, and when they go to investigate, Dean recognizes Cain from his silhouette on the security footage. Meanwhile, Castiel is still trying to track Cain down in the race to save Dean from the Mark of Cain; capturing, interrogating and then killing demons. Cass finds that Cain has recently been sighted in Bogg's Marsh, although no-one knows what he's doing there because all the demons keep their distance from him in terror.

As Sam and Dean investigate Tommy Tolliver and why Cain went after him, they learn that Tommy's father has also vanished, indicating Cain is going after the entire family. Cass then calls the boys from Bogg's Marsh to confirm that Tommy and his father are both dead, and the Tollivers aren't the only family Cain is killing off - Cass has found a massive makeshift burial site, surrounded by dozens upon dozens of graves. Cain then arrives and catches Castiel, and reveals what it is all these related people have in common that has put them on Cain's hit list by blood: they are all Cain's human descendants, and since falling back under the Mark of Cain's influence, Cain has decided to direct its need for murder into a genocide against his own bloodline (which he believes to be tainted with the worse side of humanity because of what he did when he killed Abel), despite the fact that Cain's descendants constitute 1/10 of the entire population.

After Cass and the Winchesters meet up at the bunker, Dean decides that they need to kill Cain to stop his genocide, despite Sam's concerns over the fact that Dean will need the First Blade back in his hand to be able to kill Cain. They discover that Tommy Tolliver had an estranged son, Austin Reynolds, who lives in Ohio with his mother, and calculate that Austin will be Cain's next target. Meanwhile, Rowena is continuing to manipulate Crowley, coercing him into being more merciless with his demon underlings and goading him into having a complaining crossroads demon killed (in a specific graphic and brutal way) for his whining. Though Crowley is aware his mother has been manipulating him, he still agrees to help her on a mission to assassinate Olivette, a member of the Grand Coven and an old enemy of Rowena. However, Dean calls Crowley to fill him in on Cain's return and Team Free Will's plan to kill Cain; and lies that Crowley is on Cain's kill list, spurring Crowley into bailing on and postponing Rowena's plans (while she chastises him for trusting and helping the Winchesters) to deliver the First Blade.

Crowley meets up with Sam, Dean and Castiel in Ohio outside the barn where Austin is playing, but declares he has a plan on how to trap Cain, and he won't hand Dean the Blade until it's pulled off. A short while later, Cain comes for Austin, easily getting past Sam and Cass and cornering Austin in the barn, only to discover that the real Austin is gone and he has been chasing an illusion spell Crowley got from Rowena, trapping him in a devil's trap, for now. While Cain is left trapped in the barn for a moment, Dean talks with Sam, Cass and Crowley; he intends to go up against Cain alone because the rest of them will just be a liability in a fight against Cain, and because he needs the three of them here to stop whatever comes out of the fight - be it Cain or a re-demonized Dean. Crowley hands the First Blade over to Dean on the condition he gives it back, and Dean momentarily struggles with being reunited with the Blade and its effects, before heading into the barn to confront Cain.

As Dean enters the barn, he and Cain both agree that it is too late to save Cain, with Cain arguing that he believes there's no resisting the Mark. Dean steps over the threshold into the devil's trap, and he and Cain engage in physical combat. As they fight, Cain manages to get the upper-hand, which he points out to Dean is because the latter is still holding back against the Mark out of fear; Cain chastises Dean for this as he beats him, declaring that there is no succeeding in overcoming the Mark of Cain, only futile resistance and relapse. Upon throwing Dean back, Cain reveals that he intended for Dean to come after him and deliver the one thing he wants to him - the First Blade. Cain easily reclaims the Blade and, further strengthened by the Blade's effects on the Mark, he easily subdues Dean and prepares to finish him off with the Blade; Cain declares that he is being merciful by killing Dean with the Blade, because if Dean lives then he will inevitably kill Crowley, then Castiel, and finally Sam, until he is completely broken and transforms into the same demonic killer that Cain did. Cain is just about to land the killing blow when Dean manages to grab Cain's knife and slice his hand off with it, winning the fight for Dena. Dean begs Cain to stop killing; Cain responds that he will never stop, before reverently accepting his death as a demoralized-looking Dean plunges the First Blade into the Father of Murder.

A shaken Dean, the First Blade still in his grip, emerges from the barn to an anxious and expectant Sam, Cass and Crowley. Crowley holds out his hand for the First Blade, the three waiting to see if Dean will surrender it or give in to it... when, Dean hands the Blade to Castiel. Crowley is angered that Dean lied to him, especially when he learns that he was never on Cain's hit list, before teleporting away without another word. When Crowley returns to his headquarters, he finds Rowena packing up her belongings and intending to leave. Rowena tells Crowley that at first she was immensely proud in him to learn that he, her son, had become the King of Hell in her absence and not by accident, but now she is just disappointed and disgusted at what he has become through his relationship with the Winchesters; declaring that he's no King and is the Winchesters' bitch. Rowena then walks out with her bags while a silent Crowley is unable to stop her. After Cass has hidden the First Blade somewhere safe, he, Dean and Sam return to the bunker so that Dean can rest and recuperate from his fight with Cain. Sam insists to Dean that the fact Dean emerged from that fight without losing himself to the Mark is a cause for hope that Dean can indeed beat the Mark and hold on... but once Dean has left the room to sleep, Sam gravely declares to Cass, and to himself, that Dean is indeed in trouble.













10x14 MattRileyPicture

A photo of Matt Riley in the episode depicting him as a schoolteacher.

  • In the scene where Cass is torturing a demon for information on Cain's whereabouts, in one shot there is clearly a photo of Matt Riley on the classroom wall, in tribute to him after he died on New Year's Eve, 2014.
  • Keith Martin Gordey, who portrayed Warden Skieff in this episode, previously appeared on Supernatural in Provenance as Daniel Blake.


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