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The angels all fall from Heaven during the Fall. (Sacrifice)

The Fall was a major event in 2013 which saw the expulsion of all the angels in Heaven to Earth due to a powerful spell cast by Metatron.


After God had Metatron write down the Word of God and departed Heaven, the archangels took command of Heaven in God's absence and schemed to use the Word to take over the universe, driving Metatron out from Heaven and forcing him into hiding on Earth among humanity to protect the Word. (The Great Escapist, Sacrifice) Bitter and vengeful at the Host of Heaven for driving him from his home, Metatron plotted to eventually, when the right time came, obtain the components for and then cast a powerful spell which would lock all the other angels out of Heaven, as revenge for how the angels had driven Metatron from his home in Heaven. (Sacrifice) Exactly when Metatron devised the spell is uncertain, but he apparently had knowledge of it and had apparently intended to use it in future when writing the Angel Word of God. (Heaven Can't Wait)

The FallEdit

Metatron's plans for revenge against Heaven began in 2013, when he contacted Castiel and duped Cass into helping him obtain the components for the angel-expelling spell by lying to Cass that the three components were the Trials of God to lock all the angels away in Heaven. Castiel and Metatron collected the spell's first ingredient, a Nephilim's heart, by killing the Nephilim Jane. (Clip Show) Metatron was subsequently captured by Naomi and taken back to Heaven while he and Castiel were after the spell's second component, a cupid's bow, but Cass managed to obtain the bow from the cupid Gail. After Metatron broke free in Heaven and killed Naomi, he revealed his true colours to Castiel and took Castiel's grace as the third and final component needed for the spell. (Sacrifice)

Metatron subsequently activated the angel-banishing spell, and the spell then cast all the other angels in Heaven at the time down to Earth and locked every angel other than Metatron out of Heaven, (Sacrifice) apparently irreversibly. (Heaven Can't Wait) When Metatron's spell expelled the angels from Heaven and sent them falling to Earth, it severely injured and damaged the affected angels; causing them excruciating injury and agony and severely damaging their true forms (to the point that the angels expelled either literally and completely lost their wings or had their wings badly damaged and broken). According to Malachi, some of the angels that fell even died from the damage and injuries they sustained from the Fall, including Ezekiel, Azrael and Sophia. Among the angels in Heaven when Metatron's spell was cast, the spell ejected from Heaven not only the free angels but even the ones imprisoned in Heaven's dungeons such as Abner and Gadreel. (Holy Terror, Road Trip) As well as locking all angels out of Heaven, Metatron's spell also closed Heaven off to human souls meant for Heaven, resulting in all humans who died from then on remaining on Earth, trapped in the Veil, instead of moving on to Heaven. (Captives, Stairway to Heaven) The only known way into Heaven that wasn't closed off in the Fall by the effects of Metatron's spell was a hidden doorway on Earth in Metatron's possession. (King of the Damned - Do You Believe in Miracles?)

After the FallEdit

During the expulsion of all of Heaven's angels to Earth by Metatron's spell, humans all around the Earth witnessed the angels falling from Heaven, but humanity assumed the Fall to be an unexplained global meteor shower due to the meteorite-esque appearance of the falling angels from afar. (I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here) The Fall left the angels that fell when the spell was cast severely damaged and weakened, to the point that most of their celestial powers and abilities were weakened if not completely lost; the angels' healing abilities were considerably weaker and less effective, and they could no longer teleport. (Season 9) According to Crowley, as Metatron's footnotes on the Word of God indicated the spell to be irreversible, the Fall's effects supposedly could not be undone. (Heaven Can't Wait)

The wounded and scattered fallen angels on Earth were initially left badly weakened, wounded, shocked, scared and confused by the Fall and were at first disorganised and scattered; (I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here) however, two major factions soon formed among the angels, one led by Bartholomew and the other by Malachi, both hoping to retake Heaven from Metatron. The two angel factions entered a vicious feud with each-other that threatened to severely damage both angelkind and the Earth, and they began recruiting as many of the neutral angels as they could and either killing them or torturing them into compliance if they refused. (Holy Terror) This ended after Bartholomew was killed by Castiel (Captives) and Malachi by Gadreel. (King of the Damned)

Following Malachi and Bartholomew's deaths, Castiel took command over a majority of the angels on Earth as an angel army devoted to finding and stopping Metatron and reversing the Fall, while Metatron, with Gadreel as his second-in-command, in turn began gathering many of the other angels to his cause with the promise of returning them to Heaven. (Meta Fiction, Stairway to Heaven) However, all of Castiel's followers lost faith in him and defected over to Metatron when Metatron framed Cass for a series of angel suicide-bombings he'd orchestrated. (Stairway to Heaven) Shortly afterwards, Castiel caused Metatron's downfall when he destroyed the angel Word of God to depower Metatron and then tricked Metatron into revealing his twisted and cruel true colours over angel radio to every angel in Heaven and on Earth; resulting in all the angels Metatron had returned to Heaven revolting against and imprisoning a depowered Metatron. (Do You Believe in Miracles?)

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