The First Blade
9x16 TheFirstBladeMain
Historical information
Creator : Cain
Use(s) : Kills multiple supernatural beings, including Knights of Hell
Users : Cain
Dean Winchester
Affected creatures : Angels
Knights of Hell
Production information

The First Blade was a powerful supernatural weapon, which was originally the weapon that Cain used to kill Abel. The Blade possessed the ability to kill even the most powerful and immortal demons, such as the Knights of Hell, but it would only work when wielded by whomever possessed the Mark of Cain.


The First Blade was a deadly and formidable supernatural weapon, regarded by angels and reapers with a level of fear and horror, (Meta Fiction, Stairway to Heaven) and noted by Metatron to be a "nasty piece of work." (Do You Believe in Miracles?)

The First Blade was able to kill all kinds of supernatural beings; including demons, angels and reapers. (Stairway to Heaven, Do You Believe in Miracles?) The Blade was also the one known weapon capable of killing a Knight of Hell (King of the Damned) or uber-demon. (The Executioner's Song) However, it's believed that the Blade couldn't kill a being infused with God's power (such as Metatron when he'd harnessed the Word of God's power). (Do You Believe in Miracles?) When the First Blade was used against a supernatural, it had to inflict injury to a vital part of the supernatural being's physical form to actually kill it, and a non-fatal wound such as a shallow slash would merely wound and weaken the entity. (Do You Believe in Miracles?)

9x16 FirstBlade+MarkOfCainActive

The First Blade activates the Mark of Cain in Dean's hand. (Blade Runners)

While the First Blade was a very powerful and deadly weapon, the Blade's supernatural-killing power would only work when the Blade was wielded by whomever currently possessed the Mark of Cain, as the Mark acted as the Blade's power source. Outside of the hand of a person wielding the Mark, the First Blade was powerless. (First Born) The First Blade's killing power gained from the Mark of Cain was apparently automatic rather than voluntary when the Blade was in the hands of the Mark's host, as Tessa was able to kill herself against Dean's will by impaling herself on the Blade while it was in Dean's hand. (Stairway to Heaven) Because of the symbiotic relationship between the Mark of Cain and the First Blade which gave the Blade its supernatural killing power, the Mark granted its host a psychic link to the First Blade; allowing a wielder of the Mark to resist demons' telekinesis when in contact with the First Blade, and to telekinetically call the Blade into their hand when it was nearby. (King of the Damned, Do You Believe in Miracles?)

9x21 FirstBladeKillsKnightOfHell

The First Blade kills a Knight of Hell. (King of the Damned)

According to Cain, the First Blade couldn't be destroyed by anything in his possession, implying the Blade to be supernaturally invulnerable against most methods of destruction. (First Born) Although, Abaddon was confident that she could destroy the Blade. (King of the Damned)



The First Blade was originally created by Cain in the very earliest times of humanity, crafted from the jawbone of a donkey. After Cain struck a deal with Lucifer for the former to kill Abel and take his place in Hell so that Abel would go to Heaven, the First Blade was the weapon that Cain struck Abel down with. Afterwards, the First Blade would become a powerful demonic weapon, able to kill many supernatural entities, in the hands of Cain or anyone else who had his Mark. (First Born) Cain used the First Blade to kill himself rather than become the killer the Mark of Cain would turn him into, but this only caused the Mark's effects to resurrect Cain as a demon. (Do You Believe in Miracles?)

9x11 FirstBlade1863

The First Blade in 1863, being wielded by Cain against the Knights of Hell. (First Born)

After his transformation into a demon, Cain retained ownership of the First Blade over the millennia, but put the Blade down when he fell in love with Colette Mullen in the 19th century and was turned away from demons' evil ways. However, when the Knights of Hell kidnapped Colette, Cain took the First Blade back up and used it to kill each and every one of the Knights until only Abaddon was left. When Cain finally tracked Abaddon, possessing Colette, down to Jasper Springs, Mississippi in 1863, he tried to kill her with the First Blade, but only ended up killing Colette due to Abaddon smoking out just as the Blade made impact. After Colette's death, Cain, as part of his self-imposed 'retirement' from the demons and his kind's evil ways, wanted to find a means of permanently being rid of the First Blade, but as nothing Cain had could destroy the Blade, he instead buried it at the bottom of the Mariana Trench to try and keep it hidden away forever. (First Born)

Over a hundred years later, the First Blade was excavated from the Trench by an unmanned submarine. The Blade was subsequently stolen by a research assistant, who sold it to Portugese smugglers, who in turn lost it to Moroccan pirates in a poker game. The First Blade was next bought from the pirates by André Develin, who shopped the Blade around until it came to the Kansas City National Museum of Antiquities. The First Blade would remain at the museum, until it was privately and illegally bought by Cuthbert Sinclair and placed among his supernatural artefact collection at his mansion. (Blade Runners)

A new master

9x16 FirstBladeInSinclairsCollection

The First Blade in Sinclair's mansion among his supernatural collection. (Blade Runners)

After over 160 years apart from the Mark of Cain, the First Blade was reunited with the Mark, and with a new master in the form of Dean Winchester, when Dean and Sam came to Sinclair's mansion for the Blade. Dean used the Blade to kill Sinclair, before Crowley forcefully took the Blade from the brothers to 'safekeep' it until Dean had a chance at killing Abaddon (so that the brothers couldn't kill Crowley with the Blade in the meantime). (Blade Runners)

Crowley hid the First Blade inside a buried corpse at St. Anthony's Cemetery, until he gave Sam and Dean the Blade's location so they could retrieve it to kill Abaddon. Dean afterwards took the First Blade to the Humboldt Hotel in Cleveland, Ohio, where he successfully killed Abaddon with the Blade. (King of the Damned)

9x21 DeanKillsAbaddonWithFirstBlade

Dean kills Abaddon with the First Blade. (King of the Damned)

After killing Abaddon, Dean's need to kill with the First Blade worsened due to the Mark of Cain's effects, causing him to take the Blade with him wherever he went. Dean took the Blade to Castiel's angel army's base, where Tessa used the Blade to kill herself by impaling herself on the Blade while it was in Dean's hand. Dean would afterwards unsuccessfully attempted to kill Gadreel with the First Blade, (Stairway to Heaven) then later take the First Blade to Muncie, Indiana to try and kill Metatron. However, Metatron outmatched Dean and managed to kill him with an angel blade, triggering Dean's transformation into a demon due to the Mark's effects. (Do You Believe in Miracles?)

Post-Demon Dean

After Dean became a demon and ran off on a joyride with Crowley, he retained possession of the First Blade, which he used to kill rogue demons who'd been Abadon-loyalists, (Black) and at one point for killing a human who'd sold his soul. When Dean was captured by Sam and to be taken back to the Men of Letters' bunker to be cured, Sam handed the First Blade over to Crowley, for safekeeping to ensure that Dean couldn't get it back. (Reichenbach)

10x14 CainBrieflyReclaimsFirstBlade

The First Blade is briefly reunited with its original master. (The Executioner's Song)

Crowley hid the First Blade in his bones' crypt, although it was at one point briefly removed by Guthrie under Rowena's manipulation. (The Hunter Games) When Cain went on a genocide against his own descendants, Crowley brought the First Blade to Dean so that he could use it to kill Cain. Though Cain briefly reclaimed the Blade at last after over a century apart from it, Dean was ultimately able to defeat Cain and kill him with the Blade. Dean afterwards handed the Blade over to Castiel and had him hide it somewhere safe. (The Executioner's Song)

It is unknown what happened to the First Blade when the Mark of Cain was cured, (Brother's Keeper) but with the Mark gone, the Blade is presumably powerless.



  • Fans have speculated on how powerful and formidable a weapon the First Blade was against supernaturals, and what it could and couldn't kill. The Blade is apparently reputed among angels and reapers with a level of fear.

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