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The Hunter Games
Production information
Season : 10
Episode : 10
Original airdate : 20 January, 2015
Directed by : John Badham
Written by : Eugenie Ross-Leming
Brad Buckner
Preceded by : The Things We Left Behind
Followed by : There's No Place Like Home

The Hunter Games is the tenth episode of Season 10 of Supernatural.


"After the massacre at the ranch, Dean, Sam and Castiel double their efforts to find a cure for the Mark of Cain but there is nothing in the lore that can help them. Desperate, Castiel comes up with an idea that Sam deems the 'single worst idea I’ve ever heard.' Meanwhile, Rowena continues to plot against Crowley, and Castiel tries to mend his relationship with Claire who is plotting revenge against Dean for killing her friend."[1]

Full synopsisEdit

Following the massacre at Randy's ranch, Sam, Dean and Castiel have realized that they've got to save Dean from the Mark of Cain quickly, but they remain stumped on discovering a method of removing the Mark. However, Cass comes up with an incredibly risky and insane idea on getting someone who might be able to tell them how to cure the Mark - Cass meets up with Ingrid at the door to Heaven, where he takes Metatron from Heaven into his temporary custody on Earth, on the condition that Metatron is returned to Heaven's dungeon alive. Cass and Sam chain Metatron up in the bunker's dungeon, and demand he tell them the secrets of the Mark. Though Metatron is sadistically amused to learn that Dean is back but human and has "gone nuclear" from the Mark's effect, he is apparently deeply terrified of Dean so long as he has the Mark. Metatron claims to know one method of removing the Mark, which involves several steps. He tells Sam and Dean for free that the First Blade is needed for the first step, but declares that information on the following steps to removing the Mark will cost them. Sam doesn't want Dean anywhere near the Blade since the Mark's influence is bad enough even without contact with the Blade, especially since they only have Metatron's word, but Dean retorts that they can just obtain the Blade without Dean actually touching it.

Meanwhile, Rowena is continuing to manipulate Crowley; using a hexbag planted behind his throne to give him an induced nightmare of his own demons turning on and killing him. Though Crowley remains detached with his mother over his unresolved childhood issues with her poor parenting, Rowena still begins to make progress. Crowley gets called by Sam and Dean, and abruptly leaves to rendezvous with them. While Rowena is left unattended in Crowley's empty throne room, she uses a spell to spy on Crowley while he's out. As she watches, Crowley reacts with fury upon learning that Sam and Dean want him to bring the First Blade back to them, considering how much worse Dean becomes when in contact with it and how much of a threat a Mark-affected Dean poses to all demonkind with the Blade, until Dean convinces Crowley that it'll be just as bad if they don't use the Blade to permanently stop the Mark now. After hearing about this, Rowena goes to Guthrie, and manipulates him into retrieving the First Blade from its safe location for her under the lie that it's Crowley's private orders to his most trusted elites. Once Guthrie returns with the Blade, Rowena kills him with an angel blade. When Crowley returns after having found the First Blade missing, Rowena deceives Crowley into believing that Guthrie had betrayed Crowley and stolen the Blade and then tried to murder her, and uses this as proof to Crowley that the demons are plotting against him and he can't trust anyone but her.

After this, Crowley calls Dean back to say that while he has the First Blade, he won't hand it over to them until they figure out the remaining steps to removing the Mark of Cain. Dean goes back to the dungeon, alone, to demand to know from Metatron what the other remaining steps are, but Metatron just declares that his giving out the first step was a freebie and being told the next steps each is going to cost Dean. However, Dean confidently and darkly declares that getting the cure for the Mark isn't going to cost him anything, and he's just going to have to torture it out of Metatron If he won't give it up willingly. When Metatron just repeats his demand, Dean begins beating Metatron up and slashing him with an angel blade, falling further and further under the Mark's hunger for violence, and Metatron brutally eggs Dean on with screams that Kevin's death was his fault for letting Gadreel possess Sam and claims that Dean is the reason so many people who believed in him died. Fortunately, just before Dean can actually proceed to kill Metatron with the blade, Sam and Cass, having noticed Dean has gone and has locked himself in the dungeon with Metatron, break in and stop him. Castiel afterwards leaves to take Metatron back to Heaven, with a bloodied Metatron declaring on the way out that he'll choose death over a repeat of being asked for his help and warning Dean that the Mark's only going to get worse. Afterwards, Dean contemplates something Metatron said just when Dean was about to kill him: "the river ends at the source." Sam suspects that this could refer to Cain, and suggests that Dean needs to fight a part of him that actually wants to give in to the Mark, and Sam also tries to get Dean's hopes up by pointing out that Cain found a way to live with the Mark for decades.

Meanwhile, after Dean killed Randy and the others at the ranch under the Mark of Cain's influence, Claire stops talking to Cass, and ultimately rejects his attempts to take care of her. Still unable to get over the fact that Cass is wearing her dead, real father's body, and refusing to listen to the truth about how Randy was no real family and was using her and ultimately willing to sell her off to Salinger; Claire ultimately packs off and heads off from Cass to be on her own. Claire meets Brit and Tony, two ratty lowlives, and quickly ends up getting in with the wrong people with them again, venting her anger with Cass and Dean for them for killing her father and Randy respectively. Back at Cass, Cass is dismayed that he's failed to help Claire, and notes that she's doomed for more and more trouble because of all her rage and vulnerability. Cass suggests that Dean could reach out to Claire better than him, "one extremely messed-up human to another," and that if Claire listens to him, then he can get her to understand what kind of a man Randy was and the danger she was in. Dean sends Claire a voicemail, which receives while hanging out more with Tony and Brit, asking to meet up with her and just talk. Claire is frustrated that Dean just wants to talk after the massacre at the ranch, and Brit and Tony, clearly having very bad thoughts and plans in store for Claire, offer to beat Dean up bad for bothering Claire, or do "something more permanent" to him.

The day after Claire calls Dean back to take up his offer to meet, Dean waits at Brit and Tony's campsite to meet Claire, while unnoticed to him, Brit and Tony are skulking around and preparing to ambush him. However, just as the two are closing in on Dean, Claire's conscience beats her anger and she runs out screaming for them to stop, alerting Dean just in time. With his enhanced hunter physical skills and the Mark of Cain's stamina-empowering effect, Dean easily defeats Brit and Tony. He almost kills them with their own axe as they lie cowering on the ground, but at Claire's screams of horror for him not to, Dean lets the two get away with their lives, and leaves Claire to run off as well. Later, while Claire is hitching on the road, Cass tracks her down, having heard her longing for company in the same way angels can hear prayers, and asks if she has something to tell him. Claire says she's thought about what Cass has told her, and declares she'll try to make better choices towards getting something closer to a good life; however, she still intends to do it alone, although she asks Cass to maybe call sometime. Cass agrees and drives off while Claire stays by the road to hitchhike.














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