The Magnificent Seven
Production information
Season : 3
Episode : 1
Original airdate : 4 October, 2007
Directed by : Kim Manners
Written by : Eric Kripke
Emily McLaughin
Preceded by : All Hell Breaks Loose: Part 2
Followed by : The Kids Are Alright

The Magnificent Seven is the first episode of Season 3 of Supernatural.


"Lust. Gluttony. Greed. Sloth. Wrath. Envy. Pride. When the devil's gate opened, hundreds of demons escaped - including the Seven Deadly Sins, who've now taken human form."[1]

Full synopsisEdit

In Oak Park, Illinois, Walter Rosen is putting out his garbage one night, when a stormy cloud of demon smoke rushes by in the sky overhead. One stream of demon-smoke descends towards Walter and possesses him, and as the demon now possessing Walter looks on, the others demons overhead all begin descending en masse upon the city.

A few days later, Sam is shown to be researching lore on demon deals while Dean is on a sexual romp, when Bobby calls them with news of demon omens in Nebraska. It is the first sign of demon activity they've had since the devil's gate was opened, since there were sightings of demon smoke over seventeen cities the night the gate opened, but the demons all seem to be keeping a low profile.

The boys rendenzvous with Bobby at a farmhouse in Lincoln, where a family apparently just sat down and lazed on their couch until they starved to death in front of the TV, despite having a fully-stocked kitchen. The trio also meet up with two other hunters at the house who are known to Bobby and also in town investigating the same demon omens: husband and wife Isaac and Tamara.

Despite an initially-good introduction, back at the house the two are staying in, Isaac makes it clear that he blames the three of them for the devil's gate opening and doesn't want to work with them because of it. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the group, a mysterious girl is following and spying on them; Sam in particular she's interested in, and starts to follow around town, but she always vanishes before Sam can turn around and see her.

Sam, Dean and Bobby investigate when another death occurs in town: a woman, after interacting with the possessed Walter, is overcome by a desire for a pair of shoes that another customer buys, to the point of beating the other woman to death outside the shop for them. Upon seeing the security footage of Walter interacting with the killer woman just before the crime took place, Sam, Dean and Bobby suspect he is responsible.

The following night, they tail Walter to a bar, and Bobby urges cautious surveillance. But, to Bobby's ire, Isaac and Tamara have also tailed Walter and, unlike the three of them, go into the bar without planning ahead to try and exorcise Walter in the restroom. However, when Isaac and Tamara are about to make their move, to their shock, it is revealed that all of the other six people in the bar are also possessed by demons, and are aware of the hunters in their midst. One of the demons, with little more than a touch, drives Isaac to fatally down an entire bottle of bleach, horribly killing him as Tamara is forced to watch. But before the demons can move on to Tamara next, Sam, Dean and Bobby burst in to rescue Tamara; they fend the demons off with holy water, and successfully capture Walter in Bobby's car's devil's trap-guarded trunk before fleeing with him back to their hideout.

Back at Tamara's house, Bobby is horrified to identify the demons they're dealing with as the Seven Deadly Sins - a group of seven demons, each of whom has manipulation over one of the seven vices of the same name in humans: the farmhouse family were touched by Sloth, Walter's demon who touched the shoe woman is Envy, and Isaac was touched by Gluttony. After Bobby forces a wrath-filled Tamara to cool her jets after her and Isaac's half-cocked course of action got the latter killed, they interrogate Envy, whom they have tied down under a devil's trap. Envy taunts them about the vices humans possess - taunting Dean about his gluttony and lust, and Tamara about her wrath - and warns them that the other demons will be coming to rescue him. Tamara then exorcises Envy, killing Walter in the process, and the group prepare for the demons' assault.

Dean offers to fend the demons off himself in a suicide-mission, but Sam is appalled at Dean's behaviour and he and Bobby agree that they all need to stick together. Just then, Isaac starts screaming out to Tamara from outside, saying he survived and got away and pleading for her to let him in; his corpse is obviously possessed by one of the demons. Though Bobby tries to warn Tamara to keep steady, the demon successfully plays on Tamara's wrath to make her rashly throw open the door (breaking the house's salt line and letting the other demons all get in) in a fit of rage.

During the ensuing skirmish, Tamara immobilises the possessed Isaac by staking him with Palo Santo (wood which can paralyse demons until they're exorcised), Bobby lures Sloth under a devil's trap, while Dean successfully resists Lust's touch and dunks her into a bathtub filled with holy water; all three demons are exorcised. But the remaining three demons, meanwhile, corner Sam upstairs. Pride steps forward from amongst them to taunt Sam and express his disgust that he was expected by Yellow-Eyes to follow a human like him as the demon army's leader. But before the demons can kill Sam, the woman who's been following him comes in and fights the demons with a bizarre dagger that kills them. The woman then leaves before Sam can learn who she is.

The next day, only two of the demons' vessels have survived, and the others are all burned by Sam, Dean and Bobby while Tamara burns Isaac privately. They bring up the knife that the woman who saved Sam had, and Bobby confirms that he's never heard of a blade that can kill demons and will try and look into it. The three are also left to ponder: if the Seven Deadly Sins got out when the devil's gate was opened, then what other kinds of never-before-seen demons got out?

Afterwards, Sam suggests a possible hoodoo lead that could get Dean out of his deal, but Dean flatly turns it down: admitting to Sam that the terms of his deal were that he can't make any attempt to get out of it or Sam will die. Sam is furious at this, and points out that Dean is being selfish and hypocritical because in doing this he is putting Sam in the very same awful position Dean was in when John did the same thing. Dean retorts that he thinks he's earned it, and that he wants to spend his last year alive hunting evil.








  • This episode came out on iTunes a day before it aired on television.


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