The Monster at the End of This Book
Production information
Season : 4
Episode : 18
Original airdate : 2 April, 2009
Directed by : Mike Rohl
Written by : Julie Siege
Nancy Weiner
Preceded by : It's a Terrible Life
Followed by : Jump the Shark
Intro 4x18 The Monster at the end of this Book00:08

Intro 4x18 The Monster at the end of this Book

Unique alternate version of title sequence

The Monster at the End of This Book is the eighteenth episode of Season 4 of Supernatural.


"Familiar plot. Familiar characters. Sam and Dean come across a series of graphic novels called Supernatural featuring two demon-hunting brothers named Sam and Dean."[1]

Full synopsisEdit

While investigating a possible ghost haunting at a comic book store, Sam and Dean are perplexed when the proprietor assumes they aren't really FBI and are LARPing a book series called Supernatural (which published two dozen copies before the publisher went bankrupt). The proprietor shows Sam and Dean the first book in the series, and the brothers are shocked to find that not only are they in the book as characters, but the book chronicles the events of the woman in white case they worked in Jericho as fiction.

Upon obtaining and reading the other 23 books, Dean finds that each book chronicles a different case the brothers worked during the past four years, and is completely accurate right down to every single minor detail of the actual events. At the same time, Sam reads the Supernatural books' online website, and learns that the last book in the series ends with when Dean went to Hell. Dean reads about the different fandoms among Supernatural's cult following, and he's horrified upon learning about the Wincest fandom. Sam and Dean immediately set about tracking down Carver Edlund, the writer of the Supernatural books, to find out how he knows all this and is writing their lives down. Sam has already learned that Carver Edlund is just a penname, so the Winchesters go to Sera Siege, the books' eccentric publisher, to get Carver Edlund's real identity. After Sam and Dean support their claims that they're big fans of Supernatural (by, awkwardly, identifying some of their own very personal information that is in the books, and by reluctantly showing off their anti-possession tattoos), Sera gives them Carver Edlund's real name, Chuck Shurley, and his address.

At the town of Kripke's Hollow, Chuck Shurley, who in fact lives on low income and suffers from regular headaches that cause him to drink alcohol, is still writing unpublished Supernatural books after his publisher went bankrupt. Chuck is in the middle of looking over the first draft of his latest book, in which he is featured as a character and is confronted by the characters of his books, when Sam and Dean show up on Chuck's doorstep and come out with who they are. Chuck initially thinks they're obsessive fans and shrugs them off, before Sam and Dean barge in to demand to know how Chuck knows everything he's written into the books. Even after they show Chuck their real arsenal in their real Impala's trunk and ask Chuck if he knows about the demons breaking the 66 seals, Chuck reasons they've probably been put up to this by one of his neighbours. But when Dean mentions his and Sam's surname in passing, Chuck is shocked since he'd never written down or told anyone that Winchester is Sam and Dean's last name, and Chuck is forced to accept that the two boys are indeed his books' characters in the flesh.

When Sam and Dean don't turn out to be a hallucination, Chuck tells them he doesn't himself know how it is that everything he writes for the Supernatural books comes to life and didn't even know it was all real until the Winchesters turned up today. Sam believes Chuck is probably just a psychic who is somehow focusing on the Winchesters, while Chuck is convinced that he must be a god. Chuck also blames himself for all the pain and tragedy his books had Sam and Dean go through (with their parents' and Jessica's deaths) and all the "bad writing" they had to live through (with the bug curse and the ghost ship). Sam and Dean take what Chuck has written so far for his current Supernatural book, and Dean finds while reading it that every single thought, feeling and response it describes Sam as having comes true as he describes them to Sam. Meanwhile back at Chuck's, in his dreams, Chuck has a vision of more future events surrounding the brothers, and it is revealed that these visions are how Chuck writes down Sam and Dean's lives and are also the source of his headaches. The very furthest Chuck sees before he wakes up is Lilith (who is no longer possessing little girls and is now possessing an adult dental hygienist) about to sleep with a copasetic Sam at the "Red Motel."

Chuck immediately calls Sam and Dean back over about the next chapter of his in-progress book, primarily about how Lilith is coming tonight and will sleep with Sam. Upon hearing about what he's going to do with Lilith, Sam is completely skeptical and in denial that there's any chance he would spend a night sleeping with Lilith in "fiery demonic passion" (as Chuck's new draft calls it), but Dean takes it extremely seriously because of how nothing Chuck has written about them at all has failed to come true so far. Deciding that they're nowhere near ready for a death-match against Lilith, Dean immediately sets about getting out of town with Sam (though not before Chuck hands his new draft to the Winchesters so that they can read about the other predicted events), but the Winchesters are stuck in town and forced to stay the night when they discover that the only road out of Kripke's Hollow is out due to a collapsed bridge. While reading Chuck's draft at the local diner, Sam and Dean get bits and pieces of other events that are meant to happen to them over the day: Dean will spend all day driving around in the Impala, with a tarp hanging for some reason from the Impala's real windshield; the brothers will get into an argument; Dean will eat a bacon cheeseburger at the diner; and Dean will get a concussion, see stars and be bandaged with pink band-aids. Dean decides that he and Sam can use the preview-info the draft gives them to change the future and defy Chuck's visions by doing the exact opposite of everything the draft says they will do. However, Sam and Dean get off to a poor start of their 'opposite day': when Dean orders a different burger, he discovers after eating it that the waitress gave him the bacon cheeseburger by mistake, and Sam and Dean quickly end up fighting over the Lilith situation (with Sam insisting they should use this as a chance to kill Lilith once and for all, while Dean insists that Lilith is too strong and they're not ready).

To avoid the "Red Motel," Dean makes sure he and Sam instead check into a motel with a different name, though neither of the brothers is aware that they're still playing right along with Chuck's story, since the motel's neon sign is broken so that it spells out "[...]RE[...]D[...] Motel." Dean leaves a reluctant Sam in the motel room with hexbags to stop Lilith from finding him, then goes out to park the Impala so that he can't spend all day riding around in it. Though Dean successfully parks the Impala, when he's walking away, he spots a gang of thieves trying to carjack it. When Dean heads back forward to stop them, he gets knocked unconscious by a minivan. Meanwhile back at the motel, Sam calls Chuck over to talk with him in private while Dean is gone. Sam asks Chuck if the latter knows about Sam's activities with Ruby when he's not with Dean. Chuck confirms that he knows Sam is drinking demon blood to fuel his powers, and is against it because he agrees that Sam has "got to know" that "sucking blood" is completely "wrong." Sam feels that he doesn't have any choice and has got to do this so he can stop the Apocalypse; but Chuck retorts that that is supposed to be Dean's job, and suggests that Sam isn't really being as selfless as he thinks and is only drinking the demon blood because of the sense of power it gives him. Meanwhile back at Dean, when he wakes up from the hit, the driver's daughter has playfully covered Dean's head in band-aids; and the thieves have smashed the Impala up, forcing Dean to cover the rear windshield over with a tarp, and to drive off in frustration to get some answers. More of Chuck's predictions have come true, and nothing Sam or Dean do has been able to stop any of them.

When Chuck gets back home, he finds a furious Dean waiting for him after the accident with the minivan. Having lost his patience with Chuck after everything that's has happened to him today, Dean demands to know what it is that Chuck isn't telling them, and gets forceful when Chuck can't give him a good answer. Castiel immediately appears to tell Dean to back off, stating that Chuck is to be protected under orders from Heaven's chain of command. Cass reveals to Dean's surprise that Chuck is in fact a prophet - a human who is chosen by high-ranking divine forces to act as a "mouthpiece" for writing down God's latest decree - and the Supernatural books are the "Winchester Gospels" or the "New New Testament." Chuck mousily admits that he already knew about this after seeing Cass's arrival and explanation in a vision earlier, but didn't write it down out of disgust at the egotism of writing oneself into a story as a prophet. Dean asks Cass to tell him how he can save Sam from Lilith. Cass tells Dean he can't: prophecies aren't like psychic visions, and once a prophet has foreseen something, it cannot be unwritten, and will happen no matter what others try to do to derail the events.

As night falls, Dean immediately drives back to the motel, and upon seeing the "RED Motel" sign, Dean immediately sets about getting Sam out before Lilith arrives. But when Dean is packing his and Sam's stuff, he notices the hexbags are gone, and Sam declares he destroyed them to lure Lilith in for a showdown. Dean is shocked and furious at Sam's arrogance and overconfidence in taking Lilith on like this here and now, insisting that Lilith will obliterate Sam. Dean also reveals he's noticed Sam's been acting differently lately, and he knows from Cass about how Sam has been using his demon powers and has amplified them to the point he was able to kill Alastair. When Sam is unable to prove to Dean who is at a total loss that this isn't what Dean thinks, a frustrated Dean gives Sam one last chance to leave with him, before storming out and leaving Sam to it. However, Dean doesn't abandon his brother; he goes no further than the motel parking lot, and he reluctantly resorts to praying for help from the angels. Castiel arrives in response to Dean's call. Cass sadly declares he just can't intervene in a prophecy, but Dean points out to Cass how, even after all the harsh tests the angels have put him through, Dean is only ever asking this once for their help in return. Though Cass still just cannot intervene or defy Heaven's orders without getting killed as punishment, he is able to give Dean a cryptic hint about how Dean himself might be able to stop Lilith - prophets have archangels, who are Heaven's most powerful, absolute and terrifying angels of all, tethered to them, so if a prophet is in the presence of any threat at all, an archangel will immediately descend to disintegrate the threat; Dean realizes that Cass is telling him that putting Chuck in the same room as a demon such as Lilith would bring "the most fierce wrath of Heaven" raining down to destroy Lilith. Dean thanks Cass for his help, and Cass bids him good luck.

Dean immediately returns to Chuck's house to ask Chuck to come with him to Lilith so that the archangel tethered to Chuck will kill Lilith in response, though Chuck is reluctant to go anywhere near Lilith because he knows from his own writing what she's capable of. Though Dean gives Chuck some encouraging words to stand up and fight, Chuck anticlimactically still refuses to be brave. With the speech of bravery having failed, Dean resorts to threatening to shoot Chuck if he doesn't comply; Chuck reminds Dean that the archangel is supposed to protect Chuck from all threats, but Dean retorts that he'll likely manage to swiftly shoot Chuck before the archangel can arrive to smite Dean. Back at the motel, Sam is waiting for Lilith, when she finds him and shows up in his motel room. As Lilith neutralizes the tricks and traps Sam has left around the motel room for her, Sam tries to use his demon powers on her, but finds that he isn't that strong after all, as his powers still can barely even faze Lilith. However, fortunately, Sam and Lilith are at a stalemate since Sam is likewise immune to Lilith's powers due to the demon blood's effects. Lilith declares to Sam that she's here to offer to stand down from the Apocalypse and stop breaking the seals, leaving Lucifer to never be freed, because she's discovered that she's destined to die just before the start of the Apocalypse, and wants things to go back to how they were without the war against the angels. Lilith is willing to make a deal: she'll call off the entire war over the seals, in exchange for Sam's "head on a stick" along with Dean's. Calculating it'll save the other people who would otherwise perish in the Apocalypse, Sam agrees to Lilith's terms. Lilith then declares that when one makes a deal with demon like her, it takes "a lot more than a kiss" to seal the deal, and indicates towards the bed. Sam and Lilith head to the bed and begin to lie down with each-other, when Sam suddenly makes an unsuccessful attempt to take Lilith by surprise with the demon knife. Before Lilith can kill Sam, Dean and Chuck suddenly burst in, and intense white light and violent tremors begin to surround and strike the motel as Chuck's archangel protector descends to protect Chuck. Weighing her options, Lilith smokes out of her vessel and flees, and the archangel in turn vanishes again now that Chuck is safe.

After the encounter with Lilith and after Sam was successfully saved, the Winchesters discuss Lilith's offer of a deal on the road. Dean is surprised that Sam didn't even at least consider taking up Lilith's deal to call off the Apocalypse, but Sam justifies it as being because it would have cost both their lives and because Lilith would have probably found some loophole in it anyway. Sam notes that he could see that Lilith was scared and is running from something, and Sam declares in a disturbingly dark and almost bloodthirsty tone that he will make sure she doesn't survive the Apocalypse. Back at Chuck's, Chuck suddenly wakes up on his couch, in horror and distress from a new vision. Zachariah is right there waiting for Chuck, and confirms to Chuck that every terrible thing Chuck just saw will indeed happen. Chuck is horrified and wants to warn Sam and Dean, but Zach threatens Chuck out of letting the Winchesters "know too much about their own destiny." Chuck threatens to kill himself if he can't do anything to stop the dark future he's just foreseen, but Zach retorts that the angels will just bring him back. Chuck asks in distress what he's supposed to do. Zachariah replies, "What you always do: write."










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