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There's No Place Like Home
Production information
Season : 10
Episode : 11
Original airdate : 27 January, 2015
Directed by : Phil Sgriccia
Written by : Robbie Thompson
Preceded by : The Hunter Games
Followed by : About a Boy

There's No Place Like Home is the eleventh episode of Season 10 of Supernatural.


"Sam is scanning the internet for suspicious paranormal activity and comes across a video of Charlie beating up a district attorney. Dean suspects she's back from Oz and hunting on her own, assuming the district attorney must have been a demon. When they do find Charlie, they are shocked when she tells them why she really came back from Oz."[1]

Full synopsisEdit

At the bunker, while Dean is on a self-imposed program towards a healthier lifestyle to help him control the Mark of Cain, he and Sam are researching when Sam comes across a video of Charlie Bradbury beating up and torturing Peter Harper, a district attorney in Topeka, Kansas, after breaking into his home in the night. Further research also reveals that there was a previous torture victim the night before, who gave up Harper's name under the torture. Suspecting that something isn't right, Sam and Dean head to Topeka to investigate. When they interview Harper, they discover that Charlie tortured him for information about the Middleton drunk-driving case that killed her father and left her mother braindead. Knowing that Charlie must have wanted another name from him and that he's lying when he says that she didn't, Dean angrily and violently forces the truth out of Harper. Harper admits that the Middleton case never went to court because Barbara Cordry, the person whose name Charlie tortured out of Harper, got all the files sealed and paid Harper off to not look into it.

Sam and Dean head off to reach Barbara Cordry before Charlie does, discovering along the way from her post-accident social services file that Celeste Middleton is her real name. When the Winchesters reach Cordry's house, they stake it out, until they're brought running in by screaming, and find Charlie holding a knife to a beaten-up Barbara's throat. Having already gotten the information she wants from Cordry, Charlie makes a run for it, defeating Dean with a wrestling move and making a getaway. But just after Charlie flees, to Dean and Sam's shock, a second Charlie (this one more light-hearted and more like the Charlie we know) drives up and tells the boys they need to catch up.

At a bar, Good Charlie tells Sam and Dean that the reason there are two Charlies is because she's been split into two metaphysical versions of herself; Good Charlie contains all of Charlie's goodness, while Dark Charlie contains all her darkness. Good Charlie explains that after she went into Oz with Dorothy, in order to win a war at Emerald City, the Wizard of Oz used the Inner Key of Oz (which opens a door to one's soul and lets all their darkness out) on Charlie to unleash Dark Charlie upon the enemy army as a weapon. Though Dark Charlie successfully won the war, her atrocities on the battlefield horrified Good Charlie into refusing to be reunited with Dark Charlie, so Dark Charlie returned to Earth to go after the drunk driver who hit their parents to show how close they are. Good Charlie also reveals that while she was able to follow Dark Charlie back from Oz, the key to Oz has been broken, so they have no way of getting the Inner Key or the Wizard for help putting the two Charlies back together. She also warns that she and Dark Charlie are still connected, so any pain or injury that one of them suffers will affect them both. Deciding that the first step to fixing this is finding Dark Charlie, the trio discover that the trail Dark Charlie has been following all leads back to salesman Russell Wellington; whom it seems is indeed the drunk driver who hit Charlie's parents, and afterwards used the money to get the case closed and cover up the manslaughter.

The trio split up: Dean goes to stake Russell Wellington out and wait for Dark Charlie to come, while Sam and Good Charlie return to the bunker to research another way of re-accessing Oz. Sam and Good Charlie discover from the Men of Letters archives that the key to Oz was originally found by a Man of Letters named Clive Dillon, who got stranded in Oz when he used the key and then left it behind on Earth; rescuing Clive Dillon was the reason L. Frank Baum originally entered Oz on the expedition that Dorothy got left behind in Oz on in the first place, but his file is very ambiguous about what happened to Clive in Oz before he was rescued. After Clive was brought back from Oz, he apparently retired from the Men of Letters, and was given a new name and identity. Sam and Good Charlie find that after he was relocated and given a false I.D., Clive Dillon is still alive today, so they head out to visit him at his house in hopes that he can help them with re-accessing Oz.

Meanwhile, Dean stakes out Wellington's office throughout the day, then at the end of the business day he is forced to meet with Wellington pretending to be a potential real estate buyer. Dark Charlie eventually shows up, but she convinces Dean that this isn't about revenge for her and she only ever wanted to talk to Wellington and let him see what his actions all those years ago did to her. Dean falls for it and lets Dark Charlie see Wellington, but she suddenly takes the opportunity to kill Wellington and escape. Dean calls Sam to tell him what happened, and Sam fills him in on Clive Dillon and how they're headed to meet him now. Before Dean can leave to meet up with Sam and Good Charlie at Clive's house, Dark Charlie approaches him at a bar on peaceful terms to tease him about his dark side and how she thinks he knows that the inner-darkness is something to be accepted rather than fought. Dark Charlie then leaves, managing to steal the Impala. Dean steals another car to get to Sam, Good Charlie and Clive Dillon before Dark Charlie does.

Meanwhile, Sam and Good Charlie show up on Clive Dillon's doorstep to tell them that they know who he is and need his help re-accessing Oz. Clive at first denies knowing anything about Oz or the Men of Letters, until Good Charlie shows him the broken key to Oz. When Sam asks Clive Dillon what it was that happened to him in Oz, Clive Dillon reveals, to Good Charlie's horror, that the Wizard of Oz is in actuality Clive's own dark doppelganger, released during his time in Oz when a coven of witches kidnapped him and used the Inner Key on him. Clive tells them that the key to Oz can only ever be repaired in Oz and therefore they can't fix it, but he does know a way to force the Wizard to come to them. He then shoots himself in the stomach, forcing the Wizard to immediately emerge from Oz to save them both. However, the Wizard, enraged at his good half for what he's done, is hostile and unhelpful, and proceeds to immobilize Sam and Good Charlie and intends to kill them. Meanwhile outside, Dean arrives at the house, but so does Dark Charlie. Dean engages in a fight with Dark Charlie to stop her getting anywhere near Good Charlie; but Dean's punches quickly escalate into limb-breaking as he loses control to the Mark of Cain, with Good Charlie feeling every blow from in the house. To save Sam and stop the Wizard, Good Charlie, in spite of having previously been incapable of doing anything bad as Charlie's good half alone, shoots a willing Clive dead to kill the Wizard with him. Sam then immediately carries Good Charlie out and yells at Dean to stop hitting Dark Charlie, as both Charlies are now beaten to a pulp. Sam lays Good Charlie and Dark Charlie down side by side, with Dark Charlie being proud to learn that Good Charlie killed without needing any darkness within her, before Sam uses the Inner Key (taken off the Wizard's body) on the two Charlies to make Charlie whole again. Sam then comforts Charlie while a desolate Dean watches.

Afterwards, Charlie gets two days rest at the bunker, Sam fills Castiel in by phone and has gotten more worried about Dean, while Dean remains horrified and guilt-ridden at what he did to Charlie during the fight with her dark half. Charlie, meanwhile, is banged up but has gotten enough recovery. She says she is not good or bad, just balanced, and comments that Dark Charlie is alive inside her, quiet. Charlie also offers to check out a possible new lead on the Mark for Sam. Before leaving, Charlie confronts a still-desolate Dean, promising him that they will fix his situation with the Mark, and reminding him that they can do it because he has something that Cain didn't: he's a Winchester.














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