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Time travel blood spell
8x12 TimeTravelBloodSigil
Procedural information
Ingredients/procedure : Blood sigil
Enochian incantation
Angel's feather
Dragon's tears
Sands of time
Use(s) : Travelling through time and space to blood relatives in the past or future, and back
Users : Abaddon
Gavin MacLeod (transported by proxy)
Henry Winchester
Production information
Appearance(s) : As Time Goes By
King of the Damned
The time travel blood spell was a very powerful spell of apparently Enochian origin, known to the Men of Letters, which allowed the user to travel through time and space to blood relatives in the past or the future.


The time travel blood spell required four ingredients to be mixed together: the blood of the caster (or the one whose relative the caster wanted to find), an angel's feather, tears of a dragon, and a pinch of the sands of time. After mixing the ingredients, the caster had to draw the spell's sigil on the surface of a door, then recite the following incantation over and over until the spell fully activated and took effect: "Kah-nee-lah puh-goh." The spell also required that the caster tap into the power of their own soul for it to work.

Once the spell was successfully activated and fully charged, the caster would be flung through the door that the sigil was drawn on, and be transported across time and space to the biological descendant of them (or whomever else's blood was used) in the past or the future; bursting out another door near that descendant in their own time and place.

Though the caster could apparently control to some extent what time the spell sent them to, it was still highly unpredictable; as while the spell usually transported the person to their own child in the future, it could alternatively send them to a further direct future descendant such as their grandchild/ren. This happened when Henry Winchester's use of the spell transported him to his grandsons in a time after John's future death. (As Time Goes By)

The time travel spell could be performed by not only humans, but also demons to reach a demon's biological descendant from when they were human. Abaddon was also able to replicate the spell's effect in the immediate aftermath of its use in some way: after Henry Winchester had used the spell to escape from 1958 to 2013, Abaddon was able to reopen the portal and follow him through; and when Abaddon used the spell with Crowley's blood to reach Gavin MacLeod in the past, she was able to make it two-way so that shortly after her arrival, she could return to her time and take Gavin with her by reciting the incantation again. (As Time Goes By, King of the Damned)

Other effectsEdit

When the time travel blood spell is being performed, it can apparently block out a demon's powers against the sigil; as when Henry was performing the spell, Abaddon was unable to telekinetically break open the door that the spell's sigil was drawn on. (As Time Goes By)


  • Henry Winchester used the time travel blood spell to escape with the Men of Letters key when Abaddon attacked on 12 August, 1958 and came after the key. The spell transported him to his grandsons Sam and Dean in the year 2013. Abaddon was also able to shortly afterwards follow Henry from 1958 through the same doorway. (As Time Goes By)
  • In 2014, Abaddon used the time travel blood spell with Crowley's blood to travel back in time to Crowley's son Gavin in 1723 Scotland, then bring him back with her to Cleveland in the present. (King of the Damned)

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