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Trials of God
8x14 TrialCompletionSpell
Procedural information
Ingredients/procedure : Completion of three specific tasks
Enochian incantation
Use(s) : Permanently banish an entire supernatural species back to its home realm
Users : Sam Winchester
Production information
Appearance(s) : Trial and Error
Taxi Driver

The Trials of God are a series of mystical tests and trials designed by God himself, which can, depending on which trials are undertaken, seal an entire spiritual realm, and banish and imprison its indigenous supernatural races back inside forever. There are two known sets of trials: one which will lock all demons in Hell when completed, and one which will likewise lock all angels in Heaven upon completion. Sam Winchester undertook but ultimately gave up the Hell-sealing trials, which in turn left his health dangerously damaged.


Each set of the Trials of God consists of three different and often very brutal and difficult tasks, thought up by God himself. When attempting to complete the trials, the three tasks must be undertaken in order from first to last, and must be completed by the same person, in order for it to count. After the undertaker has carried out the set task for a trial, they must say the Enochian incantation "Kah nah om dar" to officially complete the trial. The undertaker can afterwards proceed to carrying out the next trial if and when they have the knowledge and resources for it. (Trial and Error onwards)

When a person is undertaking the trials, once they've completed all three, they can close the gates of the realm the trials apply to, imprisoning all the indigenous beings of that realm inside forever. (We Need to Talk About Kevin onwards) It seems that during the trials, if the undertaker chooses to give up on them rather than complete them, the energy from the trials will fade from their body, and the trials are apparently rescinded, although the side-effects on the undertaker's body will remain. (Sacrifice onwards)


8x23 TrialsOfGodEnergy

Sam's arms internally glowing as a sign of undertaking the Trials of God. (Sacrifice)

Undertaking and completing the Trials of God has damaging and eventually fatal side-effects on the undertaker (at least if the undertaker is human), which amplifies and worsens after each trial. After the first trial is completed, the undertaker's body is internally filled with a purifying mystical energy (sometimes visible when active, in the form of an internal pure orange-white glow from their arms), which they retain (Trial and Error onwards) unless and until they give up on the trials. (Sacrifice) Undertaking the trials will also give the undertaker some form of link to Metatron, causing them to resonate when near Metatron; this resonance manifests as a constant, very high ringing in the undertaker's ears, and as an abnormally high body temperature. (The Great Escapist)

After the undertaker has completed the first trial, the side-effects from it include regularly coughing up blood. (Man's Best Friend with Benefits, Remember the Titans) After completing the second trial, the undertaker's health and state will further deteriorate greatly, causing constant fatigue, discomfort and mild disorientation. (Pac-Man Fever, The Great Escapist) During the third trial, the bodily damage the undertaker suffers will worsen to the point of being life-threatening, even if they don't fully complete the final trial - the undertaker's body suffers severe internal burns to many major organs and the brain suffers oxygen deprivation. (I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here onwards) If the undertaker succeeds in completing the third trial, then death from the side-effects of the trials is certain. (Sacrifice)

8x21 SamDamagedByTrials

A disoriented Sam resonating near Metatron's presence. (The Great Escapist)

It was indicated by Naomi that the side-effects the trials cause were intentionally installed by God, and that the fatal bodily damage the final trial causes to the undertaker was meant by God as the ultimate sacrifice - if the undertaker succeeds in completing the trials, they'll close the gates of one of the realms forever, at the price of their own life. (Sacrifice) According to Castiel, the bodily damage the trials cause to the undertaker is subatomic, and is so advanced and severe that not even he could possibly heal it. (Goodbye Stranger) Although, Gadreel was capable of slowly healing the damage from the trials over a matter of months, by possessing the damaged undertaker and keeping their body alive while he gradually regenerated it. (I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here onwards)

Known trialsEdit

There are two known sets of trials, one for Hell and one of Heaven, which are recorded in the Demon and Angel Word of God tablets respectively. (We Need to Talk About Kevin onwards, Sacrifice) Completing the Hell trials will close the gates of Hell and lock all demons inside forever, (We Need to Talk About Kevin onwards) and completing the Heaven trials will presumably likewise close the gates of Heaven and imprison all angels inside. (Clip Show, Sacrifice) The Heaven trials are unknown, but all three of the Hell trials are known.

Hell trialsEdit

  1. "Kill a Hound of Hell and bathe in its blood" - The first trial is to kill a hellhound and bathe in its blood. (Trial and Error)
  2. "An innocent soul has to be rescued from Hell and delivered unto Heaven" - The second trial is to rescue from Hell an innocent and wrongfully-damned soul and then send the soul to Heaven. (Taxi Driver)
  3. "To cure a demon" - The third and final trial is to cure a demon and restore its humanity. (The Great Escapist - Sacrifice)




The Trials of God were originally thought up and mystically designed by God, (Trial and Error) and were written down on the Word of God by Metatron. (We Need to Talk About Kevin onwards)

Undertaking the trialsEdit

In 2013, after Kevin learned about the Hell-sealing trials from the demon tablet, Sam and Dean set about undertaking the trials in order to get rid of the threat of all the demons, including Crowley, forever. (We Need to Talk About Kevin onwards) After Kevin translated the first trial, Sam completed it by killing Crowley's hellhound with the demon-killing knife. (Trial and Error) Kevin later translated the second trial, which Sam completed by rescuing Bobby Singer's soul from Hell, taking it inside him from Purgatory back to Earth, and then releasing it to ascend to Heaven. (Taxi Driver) After the third trial was finally translated, (The Great Escapist) the Winchesters held Crowley captive at a church, where Sam attempted the demon-curing ritual on Crowley for the final trial. But just before Sam could fully cure Crowley, Dean convinced Sam against sacrificing himself, and thus the last trial went unfinished and Sam's undertaking of the Trials of God was rescinded. (Sacrifice)

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