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Species information
Type : Demi-god
Notable distinctions : Ability to create and erase corporeal illusions
Main weaknesses : Wooden stake dipped in victim's blood
Related to : Pagan gods
Historical information
Native range : Earth (Scandinavia, West Africa, North America)
Production information

Tricksters are a race of powerful demi-gods, with the ability to create corporeal things under their control out of thin air and delete them again.


According to Bobby Singer, tricksters are powerful and immortal entities which thrive on the chaos and mischief they tend to cause. Tricksters' appearances apparently vary greatly between them, but most tricksters physically appear human. (Tall Tales)

Tricksters possess the ability to create and materialise fully corporeal miscellanea such as objects, animals, creatures, food and people out of thin air easily, and can make these things cease to exist again just as quickly and easily. When a trickster materialises a being or living thing this way, the conjuration will obey the trickster's plans and intentions and be under its command. (Tall Tales, Changing Channels) Real tricksters' abilities to create and materialise corporeal illusions are apparently very similar to the powers Gabriel displayed when disguised as a trickster; although apparently at a much less powerful level than Gabriel displayed. (Changing Channels)

Tricksters apparently tend to target humans who are prideful and condescending or have a lot of power, to 'knock them down a peg,' as this is tricksters' idea of a comeuppance and 'just-desserts;' either harming and tormenting or even killing the targeted person. Tricksters also usually create conjurations to attack their targets with a sense of humour, in the form of twisted ironies and deadly pranks (i.e., having the fake ghost of an attractive college girl cause an adulterous college professor's death, having a conjuration of the Incredible Hulk kill a violent husband, having an egotistical supernatural-disproving professor thrown into a wormhole, or having a conjured sewer alligator devour a scientist performing animal tests). (Tall Tales, Mystery Spot, Changing Channels)

As well as their ability to create and delete corporeal conjurations, another distinction tricksters possess is that they have an extreme metabolism, which gives them a 'sweet tooth' and causes them to greatly crave sugary treats and calories (such as voracious amounts of candy, cake and/or ice cream). The only known way to kill a trickster is by staking it through the heart with wood. (Tall Tales et al.) Though the stake used against a trickster must usually be dipped in the blood of one of the trickster's victims, (Supernatural: The Official Companion - Season 2) it has been implied that this is not a necessity, and that a wooden stake without any blood on it is capable of killing a trickster. (Changing Channels)


Very little is known about tricksters' origins, except that they are directly related to the pagan gods, and are a type of demi-god. While tricksters are apparently rare, according to Bobby Singer, there are still dozens of tricksters around the world; examples of which include Anansi in West Africa, or Loki of Scandinavian myth. (Tall Tales)


According to folklore and religion studies as well as mythology, a trickster is a deity, human, spirit or anthromorphic animal, which defies conventional rules and behaviour, or even breaks the laws of nature and the universe, usually via pranks and trickery.


  • Although never confirmed, some fans have suggested that the pagan god Mercury, featured in Hammer of the Gods, may have been a trickster, and therefore the first and currently only example of a real trickster appearing on Supernatural.

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