United Britannia Flight 2485
1x4 Flight4285
Historical information
Creator : United Britannia Airlines
Use(s) : Air vehicle
Production information
Appearance(s) : Phantom Traveller

United Britannia Flight 2485 was an airplane of United Britannia Airlines that was crashed by a Phantom Traveller Demon.


Phantom TravellerEdit

Flight 2485 was flying to Denver with over one-hundred staff and passengers aboard, when forty minutes into the flight, a demon-possessed passenger George Phelps opened the plane's emergency hatch; damaging the plane and causing Chuck Lambert to lose control of it.

Flight 2485 subsequently crashed two-hundred miles south of the airport from where it had come, the crash killing all but seven of those onboard the plane; the survivors including Amanda Walker, Chuck and Max Jaffe.

1x4 Flight2485remains

The remains of Flight 2485 in NTSB possession.

The remains of Flight 2485 were subsequently retrieved by the National Transportation Safety Board and locked away in a warehouse. Sam and Dean Winchester reached the remains of Flight 2485 at the warehouse by posing as Homeland Security agents, in order to find evidence from the plane's wreckage of what had caused the crash.

People onboardEdit