4x7 UrielMain
Biological information
Race : Angel
Family and relatives : God (father and creator)
Castiel (brother)
Other angels (siblings)
Status : Deceased
Biographical information
Died : 2009
Notable affiliations : Host of Heaven
Production information
Main Actor/Actress : Robert Wisdom
Other Actors/Actresses : Matt Ward
First appearance : It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester

Uriel was an angel who was in the same garrison under Anna's command as Castiel, with whom he was friends, and was a "specialist" angel who apparently specialised in wiping out entire towns that were to be "cleansed." Uriel was also secretly a traitor in Heaven who had turned from God and tried recruiting other angels to Lucifer's ideals against humanity.



Uriel was, as an angel, created by God sometime before humanity; thousands if not millions of years ago. He was close friends with higher-ranking fellow angel Castiel, whom he was in the same garrison as, initially under the command of Anna. (Heaven and Hell) During the period of Lucifer's rebellion against God's command that angels care for humans after they were created before Lucifer was cast out of Heaven, Uriel stood with the Host of Heaven but was apparently greatly enthralled by Lucifer's beauty, power and charisma, and felt that humans were filth and that God had betrayed angelkind by creating them. (On the Head of a Pin)

Uriel was apparently a "specialist" angel who was responsible for "cleansing" entire towns on Earth (that is to say, wiping them all out) when it was commanded. He mentioned that he had smote entire towns on heaven's orders before. (It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester)

Attacking the WinchestersEdit

In 1978, Uriel was contacted by Anna from on Earth to, against the angels' strict orders not to come down to Earth, possess a vessel and meet her there. Upon seeing Anna, Uriel realised it was Anna from another point in time, which Anna confirmed, but pulled rank on Uriel. Anna also talked Uriel into helping her assassinate the Winchester family without telling him what was going on, by claiming that they would kill him in the future and she was giving him the opportunity to kill them first.

5x13 Uriel1978DidntKnow

Uriel pleads to Michael that he didn't know. (The Song Remains the Same)

Anna and Uriel subsequently launched an attack on the cabin where John and Mary Winchester, along with Sam and Dean Winchester from the future, were holing up. Uriel fought and pinned Dean while Anna stabbed Sam and was about to kill Mary, when Michael suddenly intervened upon possessing John. Michael proceeded to smite and destroy Anna, immediately after which Uriel pleaded to Michael that he hadn't known. Michael then sent Uriel away with a snap of his fingers. (The Song Remains the Same)

The raising of SamhainEdit

In 2008, the angels, including the garrison which Uriel and Castiel were in, became directly active in affairs on Earth for the first time in 2000 years when Lilith and her demons on Earth began breaking Lucifer's seals (after Dean Winchester had unknowingly broken the first seal while in Hell before Castiel rescued and resurrected him), and the low-level grunts were deployed under the belief that they were to stop Lucifer from being freed.

4x7 Castiel+UrielMeetWinchesters

Castiel and Uriel meet the Winchesters when witches are attempting to raise Samhain. (It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester)

When a witch (actually two witches) were attempting to raise Samhain over the three days leading up to Halloween midnight, Castiel and Uriel were sent to the town, where Sam and Dean were investigating the witches as a case, by their superiors. Though the two anels made it look to Sam and Dean as though they'd been sent to remove them from town and then wipe it out to stop Samhain from being raised and another seal broken, in actuality they were under secret orders to do what Sam and Dean told them to as a test of battlefield strategy.

Uriel had no respect at all for the Winchesters and suggested he and Castiel just remove them from town and cleanse it anyway, but Castiel agreed to Dean's insistence that the angels hold off and let the boys try and save the seal their way. Uriel objected later, insisting that the town was "insignificant," but Cass overruled him as his superior and reminded him of their true orders.

4x7 Uriel+CastielWatchHumans+DiscussOrders

Castiel and Uriel, watching humans at a park, discuss Dean Winchester's decision and their true orders. (It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester)

Ultimately, Sam and Dean failed to stop the seal being broken, but did manage to exorcise Samhain afterwards using Sam's demonic powers. A couple days later, before the boys left town, Uriel revisited Sam to rebuke him for disobeyinf the angels' instructions that he not use his powers (despite the fact Sam had to do so to defend himself against Samhain), and told Sam that he would be happy to kill him that moment he outlived his usefulness to the angels. (It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester)

Hunting AnnaEdit

The Winchesters would later have anoter unpleasant encounter with Uriel when he and Castiel were sent to find Anna, who'd ripped out her grace and fallen decades ago and been reborn as a human on Earth but could still hear angel radio, both to punish and execute their former-superior for her disobedience and to stop the demons from capturing her and interrogating her to know what the angels said over angel radio. (Heaven and Hell)

4x9 Castiel+UrielComeForAnna

Castiel and Uriel track Sam, Dean and Ruby down and demand Anna. (I Know What You Did Last Summer)

Castiel and Uriel tracked the Winchesters, Ruby and Anna down to a barn, and demanded that Sam and Dean hand Anna over to them to be killed immediately. (I Know What You Did Last Summer) When the Winchesters of course refused, Castiel and Uriel tried to neutralise them and Ruby and take Anna by force, but before they could get to Anna or seriously harm anyone; Anna instinctively used an angel-banishing sigil to banish both the angels. Ruby afterwards created hexbags for the four, cloaking them from both angels and demons.

With the angels unable to find where the Winchesters and Anna were hiding while they were cloaked, and with Dean calling the threat over angel radio to send him back to hell if he didn't hand Anna over as a bluff, Uriel contacted Dean in his dreams; to reveal that he had taken Anna's grace and had it in a vial around his neck, and to successfully force Dean to give up Anna's location by threatening Sam's life.

4x10 UrielHasAnnasGrace

Uriel, visiting Dean in a dream, reveals he's the one who's taken Anna's grace. (Heaven and Hell)

The next morning, Castiel and Uriel arrived at the barn where Sam, Dean and Anna were, and Anna was willing to hand herself over without a fight to be killed. But just then, three demons including Alastair, having also gotten Anna's location from Ruby, showed up for her as well. The angels and demons immediately faced off over Anna, and when Alastair wouldn't back down to the angels' threats, a skirmish between the angels and demons ensued.

Whilst Castiel and the Winchesters fought against Alastair, Uriel dealt with and smote the two demon goons, but while he was distracted, Anna managed to grab the vial containing her grace off of Uriel's neck and broke it open; reuniting with her grace and erstoring her to her angelic powers. In the aftermath, with Anna now back to her angelic powers, Castiel and Uriel were unable to go after her, prompting an enraged Uriel vowed to a victorious Dean that this wasn't over. (Heaven and Hell)


Some months later, Uriel was secretly, unbeknownst to the rest of his kind, seeking to recruit other angels to his beliefs in Lucifer and exterminating humanity. He killed the angels who said no with an angel blade, but at least some angels that he approached did, disturbingly, say yes to his offer. Uriel was also promoted to Castiel's superior rather than vice versa, by their superiors because of Castiel's developing emotions towards humans and the Winchesters.

4x16 Uriel+CastielDemandDeansHelp

Castiel and Uriel come to demand Dean's help interrogating Alastair. (On the Head of a Pin)

After seven angels were killed by Uriel in his campaign, Uriel and Castiel were deployed by their superiors to investigate, as they believed the demons to be responsible and wnated to know how they were doing it.

Castiel and Uriel went to Dean, and took him by force, to use the torturing skills he'd learned in Hell to interrogate Alastair (whom Castiel had earlier captured, but who had proved resistant to all the angels' torturing methods) for information on how the demons could be killing angels. Whilst Dean was in the room torturing Alastair, Uriel, from behind the scenes; subtly telekinetically unscrewed a water valve to drip onto and break the Enochian devil's trap holding Alastair, expecting Alastair to kill Dean and escape and leave the angels continuing on a wild goose chase after him. However, though Alastair did break free thanks to Uriel, he was killed and Dean saved by Sam and Cstiel's timely interference.

Afterwards, Uriel was told by his superiors that their hunt for the angel-killer had been called off, and sympathised with Castiel about how something was wrong up in Heaven. Castiel later, upon learning how Alastair had gotten free of the devil's trap, summoned Uriel to the site and confronted him about how it couldn't have been Alastair who'd unscrewed the water valve that freed him. Uriel then revealed his true colours as a Luciferian angel who was behind the killings.

4x16 UrielDeath

Uriel's death. (On the Head of a Pin)

Uriel explained his intentions and beliefs fully to Castiel, and asked his old friend to join him. Castiel was unafraid as Uriel asked him to be, but refused his offer, and a fight between the two angels ensued. Uriel eventually overpowered Castiel, and was about to strike the killing blow with his angel blade. But then Anna suddenly arrived and, taking Uriel from behind by surprise, slipped the angel blade out of his hand and stabbed it through his throat; killing the rebellious angel. (On the Head of a Pin)


Uriel was a highly traditional-minded, bigoted, arrogant, bloodthirsty and ruthless angel; who viewed angels as far superior beings to humans, and expected all others (both angel and human) to conform to and obey those thought of as superior to them, without question. Uriel was also very smug, arrogant, condescending and prideful towards humans, despising them as disgusting, vomiting larvae and "mud monkeys" who were beneath him and barely even worthy of being properly addressed by him, and showing a spiteful hatred of them that went far beyond even that of most prideful angels.

Just as he despised humans, Uriel likewise contemptuously loathed and despised demons as "stain[s]" and "pussing sore[s]." Uriel also felt anger and betrayal towards God for loving humans more than angels and even just for creating them at all, due to which he turned from God, and idolised Lucifer for his rebellion against God's command and love for humanity. As well as his smugness and arrogance, Uriel also had a nasty sadistic side, in that he was not only willing, but actually eager, to obey and carry out orders to smite and exterminate hundreds of innocent humans without question, even when it was not necessary.

However, as ruthless, vicious and prideful as he was, Uriel did seem to be more amicable and mellow with fellow angels such as Castiel. He would rather turn over than have to kill angels who were in the way of his goals, but he would still kill them when that failed, and he also still didn't understand Anna's longing for humanity and shared the narrow, authoritarian angel mindset that disobedience had to be punished with death.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

4x10 UrielKillsDemon

Uriel smites a low-level demon. (Heaven and Hell)

Uriel was a regular but moderately strong angel; who was able to overpower low-level demons and even Castiel in a fight between them, though still unable to go after an angel as powerful as Anna even with Castiel.

Uriel displayed the basic angelic abilities of: angelic possession; superhuman strength against humans, demons and fellow angels in his vessel; teleportation to and from anywhere on Earth and between the earthly plane and Heaven; telekinesis with which to shift and move and turn objects mentally; and contacting humans in their dreams even when they were cloaked from being found by angels. Uriel could also kill low-level demons with a smiting touch to their foreheads.


As an angel, Uriel of course could be killed by an angel blade. He also could not locate humans who were cloaked from angels by hexbags, and could be banished and temporarily incapacitated by an angel-banishing sigil. He also couldn't stand against angels stronger than he, and could be easily banished on a whom by an archangel like Michael.

Forms taken (possession)Edit


Uriel is the angels of September, and is generally regarded (primarily in Christian and post-Exillic Rabbinic traditions) as an archangel. He is often identified as a cherub and an angel of repentance, and is associated with the gates of Eden (depicted as standing at the gates with a fiery sword) and also the Apocalypse. Uriel was also the angel who discussed the fate of the lead fallen angels such as Azazel. According to Jewish tradition, Uriel is said to be one of the four archangels that preside over the four quarters of the Earth; alongside Michael, Gabriel and Raphael. He has also been referred to as the prince of angels and of Tartarus.



  • Though unconfirmed, some fans have speculated that the vessel Uriel possessed in 1978 in The Song Remains the Same could be a younger version the same one he possessed 30 years later when the seals were being broken.

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