"Most vampire lore is crap. A cross won't repel them; sunlight won't kill them; neither will a stake to the heart. But the bloodlust... that part's true. They need fresh human blood to survive. They were once people, so you won't know it's a vampire until it's too late."
John Winchester explaining about vampires[src]
2x3 VampireMain
Species information
Type : Creature (Monster)
Notable distinctions : Piranha-like teeth
Hunger for blood
Vulnerability to dead man's blood
Only killed by decapitation
Main weaknesses : Decapitation
Dead man's blood
Related to : Human
Historical information
Culture(s) of origin : European folklore
Native range : Earth
Purgatory (souls only)
Production information
First appearance : Dead Man's Blood

Vampires - also called vamps or fangs for short by hunters - are a supernatural species created by Eve, which feed on fresh human blood and turn humans into new vampires through blood transfusion.



Vampires reproduce by turning humans into new vampires. A human is infected with vampirism when fresh vampire blood is introduced into their system; either by force-feeding or through direct blood-to-blood contact. (Dead Man's Blood, Fresh Blood, Live Free or TwiHard) The smallest known recorded amount of vampire blood that was used to turn a person through ingestion was a few drops. (Fresh Blood) The fact that multiple human hunters have gotten droplets of vampire blood splashed in their faces when decapitating vampires would imply that more vampire blood than that is needed to turn a person.

After a human has been infected by a vampire's blood, they will first develop an overwhelmingly sharp sensitivity to light and sound, which in turn usually causes them intense disorientation. The vampiric fangs and bloodlust develop soon afterwards, the latter causing strong cramps and stomach pains. (Fresh Blood, Live Free or TwiHard, Freaks and Geeks) Once the new vampire inevitably feeds on blood for the first time, their transformation is complete. (Alex Annie Alexis Ann)

9x19 VampireTransforming

A human undergoing the transformation into a vampire after drinking vampire blood. (Alex Annie Alexis Ann)

After a varying length of time, once the psychological changes of vampirism set in, the new vampire usually seeks out the vampire that turned them and accepts their vampire maker as their leader. (Dead Man's Blood, Live Free or TwiHard, Blood Brother) Vampirism also halts one's physical ageing after they've been turned, which both keeps their physical appearance frozen at that age for life, and grants vampires an unlmited lifespan which enables them to potentially live forever.


Vampires physically appear human, except for a few monstrous features. The most prominent non-human characteristic is that a vampire actually possesses two different sets of teeth: its normal human teeth, plus a set of sharp, pointed, piranha-like teeth for feeding directly on victims, which are retractable; the second set are normally hidden in the vampire's gums, but slide down over the human teeth at will (usually when the vampire is provoked, or is about to attack or feed).

1x20 VampiresShinigEyes

A group of vampires displaying vampiric eye shine. (Dead Man's Blood)

Vampires also seem to possess a paler complexion than is normal for a human. Some vampires' eyes have been shown to give off eye-shine similar to nocturnal animals' in response to certain angles of light, (Dead Man's Blood) and some vampires' eyes turn bloodshot-red when they 'vamp out.' (Fresh Blood, The Man Who Would Be King, Alex Annie Alexis Ann) Vampires also retain the physical age they were at when they were turned, no matter how far beyond that time they've lived since.


Vampires feed on blood, preferably human; either directly from live human victims or from recently-harvested blood. They can only feed on fresh blood, as blood from non-fresh corpses is poisonous to them. In vampires, especially ones that are recently-turned, the smell of fresh blood is addictive and overwhelming to them, and it often intensely compels and urges them to attack. (Bloodlust, Fresh Blood, Live Free or TwiHard) It has been indicated that if vampires desist for long enough from feeding on any blood, they will apparently starve. (Bloodlust)

Though vampires prefer to drink human blood, they can also feed on animal blood such as that of cows; but it is much less pleasant and satiating than human blood, so vampires normally only resort to living on animal blood when feeding on humans is dangerously risky. (Bloodlust, There Will Be Blood) There was also one example of a vampire nest who consumed not only their victims' blood but all of the flesh down to the bones. (Hibbing 911)


3x7 VampireNightVision

Vampire night vision. (Fresh Blood)

Vampires possess heightened, powerful, superhuman levels of physical capability, plus they can shrug off most physical damage without pain however severe it is, and they don't appear to tire easily; they are very formidable creatures in physical combat with humans.

Vampires are strong enough to lift, punch and throw grown men across great distances, they can move quickly at sharp speeds, and they have super-agility and -reflexes which are sharp and heightened enough to allow vampires to jump great heights and land perfectly without strain or injury.

Vampires' senses are incredibly sharp and sensitive, far superior to any human's. Their can clearly hear sounds as inaudible and irrelevant as a human's heartbeat, faraway noises such as tirens, and the ticking in a wristwatch. Their sense of smell is no less keen and sharp, enabling them to smell each-other across distances of several blocks, and easily smelling scents on a person such as fatty foods (to a point where Sam Winchester, known for having a rather healthy diet, "reeked" like a humburger to a vampire's nose). (Fresh Blood, Live Free or TwiHard) Also, once a vampire has gotten a whiff of a person's scent, they know it for life and will never forget. However, it is possible to mask one's scent from vampires with the smell of burning: skunk's cabbage, saffron and trillium. (Dead Man's Blood)

When sufficiently healthy, vampires cannot be harmed by any conventional physical damage save for decapitation. They possess extreme durability to pain, to the point that gunshots, stabs and even arrows through their chests will only irritate them. (Dead Man's Blood)


9x20 VampireKilledByDecapitation

A vampire is killed by decapitation. (Bloodlines)

Though very formidable and nigh-invincible, vampires do possess several weaknesses. When dead man's blood (blood from a non-fresh corpse) is introduced into a vampire's system, while it won't kill them, it will severely cripple and weaken them; although the effects are only temporary, and the vampire will be back to full health within a length of time. Dead man's blood renders vampires physically helpless and all but immobile; and it also seems to slow down their regenerative healing processes, and can even be used to torture them. Also, while sunlight isn't fatal or dangerous to vampires, direct sunlight does cause them sunburn-like pain. (Dead Man's Blood)

The only known conventional method of killing a vampire is by beheading it. There are also several non-conventional ways of killing a vampire. Angels can kill vampires with their destructive smiting touch the same way they can humans and demons. (Mommy Dearest) The Colt, being capable of killing almost any supernatural creature in creation, can also kill vampires. (Dead Man's Blood, Fresh Blood)

9x19 VampirePoisonedByDeadMansBlood

A vampire is poisoned and crippled by dead man's blood. (Alex Annie Alexis Ann)

Also, the Leviathans' Turducken formula was engineered to cause humans whose blood it tainted to become fatally poisonous to vampires; when this tainted blood was introduced into a vampire's system (either by being forcefully injected into them or by the vampire unwittingly feeding on it), the vampire would die within seconds, with burn-ike marks appear across the point on their body where the tainted blood entered. (There Will Be Blood)


After a vampire has been recently turned, they initially start out scared, confused and disoriented from their new vampiric senses and bloodlust, and/or stigma factors such as captivity by their vampire makers, though this eventually passes after a time. (Fresh Blood, Live Free or TwiHard, Freaks and Geeks) Eventually, the new vampire will begin to lose its humanity and become more susceptible to is new vampiric and predatory urges and instincts, until it accepts its new monstrous nature. Vampires also, when this happens, usually become loyal to their maker, following the vampire that turned them as their leader. (Dead Man's Blood, Live Free or TwiHard, Blood Brother, Alex Annie Alexis Ann)

Though vampires largely lack aversion to or moral compunctions against killing, feeding on and turning human victims, there have been a rare few vampires who have genuinely attempted to avoid killing humans and control their bloodlust. Examples include: Lenore and her nest, Benny Lafitte, and Len Cues. (Bloodlust, Season 8, Hibbing 911)

Vampires can also form romantic bonds with each-other, and in rarer instances with humans. According to John Winchester, vampire couples mate for life. (Dead Man's Blood, Blood Brother)


6x5 VampireUndergoingCure

A vampire enduring the curing process. (Live Free or TwiHard)

There is an old recipe, discovered by the Campbell family, which can cure newly-turned vampires and revert them to human. Details of the cure's recipe are vague, but the ingredients' rarity varies amongst them; one of the hardest ingredients to obtain is the blood of the vampire that infected the person who is to be cured. (Live Free or TwiHard)

The cure will only work on vampires who have not yet fed on blood for the first time since being turned, and thus will not work once a vampire's transformation is completed. It was also implied by Samuel Campbell that not all new-vampires subject to the cure survive the curing process. (Live Free or TwiHard) The vampire cure's effects are a highly unpleasant experience, and will cause sickness and nausea for a few days, but is effective and successful without any long-term side-effects. (Live Free or TwiHard, Alex Annie Alexis Ann)

Society and hierarchyEdit

Vampires usually live in groups called nests, which are usually led by an elder vampire that started the nest after turning and recruiting the other members of the nest. Normally but not necessarily always, nests consist of approximately eight - ten vampires, which live in hiding as scavengers and which kidnap and capture humans to either turn or to keep alive and feed on as cattle for days - weeks. (Dead Man's Blood) Typically, the younger vampires in the nest do the hunting and collecting of human victims and other things of interest for the nest leaders.

Loner vampires, referred to as 'rogues,' exist but seem to be very rare, and it seems to be instinctive nature for such lone vampires to want to start nests of their own. (Citizen Fang)


Vampires have presumably existed as a species for at least 10,000 years.[1] The species started with the Alpha Vampire, when the Alpha was created by Eve and subsequently became the progenitor of the vampire race. (Live Free or TwiHard, Family Matters)

6x5 NewVampireFang

A vampire's pointed set of teeth, retracted and hidden in gums, begin to grow in shortly after being turned. (Live Free or TwiHard)

By 2006, the vampires had been hunted so extensively and intensely by hunters that they were facing extinction, and were so rare as a result that even some professional hunters such as John Winchester initially believed that the vampires had completely died out. (Dead Man's Blood, Fresh Blood) However, other hunters knew otherwise, and though decimated and scattered and living in hiding as scavengers, multiple vampire nests did still exist throughout the world.

In 2010 - 2011, when the Alphas and their monster children began increasing their numbers and building up armies for Eve's plans to overrun the Earth with monsters, the Alpha Vampire, using his psychic connection with his vampire progeny, began gathering and coordinating the vampires to increase their numbers and build up vampire armies by turning many more humans and recruiting. As a result of this, vampire activity apparently began to spike and increase. (Live Free or TwiHard, Family Matters) Also, after Eve returned to Earth from Purgatory for these plans, her link with her monster children affected many vampires and caused them to become more active in feeding on humans. (...And Then There Were None, Mommy Dearest) Eve and the Alphas' plans to turn more vampires to build up their numbers was presumably stopped by Eve's death. (Mommy Dearest)

7x22 VampireDeadVamptonite

A vampire is quickly and gruesomely killed by vamptonite. (There Will Be Blood)

Approximately a year or less later, when the Leviathans were freed from Purgatory and intended to subtly subdue and overthrow humanity and farm them as cattle, the Alpha Vampire wanted to be able to share humanity as food in this Leviathan new world order. Though the Leviathans promised the Alpha Vampire that they would allow vampires to live with them and would share humanity with them, the Leviathans had lied and secretly intended to exterminate the vampires and other monsters using their formula for dumbing down humans, which was lethal to vampires. When the Leviathan formula became widespread in the human population, the contamination caused a lethal plague among the vampires (due to the vampire-killing effects of blood contaminated with the Leviathan formula).

8x1 DeadVampirePurgatory

A deceased vampire in Purgatory. (We Need to Talk About Kevin)

Upon learning of the Leviathans' betrayal and their true intentions for the monsters and the cause of the plague, the Alpha Vampire turned against them. (There Will Be Blood) The vampire plague caused by the Leviathan formula presumably died away after the Leviathans' downfall. (Survival of the Fittest)


1x20 ColtKillsVampire

A glimpse of a more monstrous visage is shown as a vampire is killed by the Colt's bullet. (Dead Man's Blood)

In most folklore and mythology, vampires are regarded as undead revenants of the night which feed on the life essence of the living (usually in the form of drinking blood). The original folkloric vampires were described as possessing bloated, dark, reddish skin and bodies and glowing eyes. Vampires would sleep in their graves during the day, and feed on the blood of the living in the local area at night; causing their victims to die and reanimate as new vampires and thus spreading the curse further. It is possible to kill a vampire or prevent a corpse from rising as one by decapitation or staking through the heart. In modern folklore and pop culture however, the image of vampires is generally changed to pale, often charismatic, immortal creatures which drink blood, can be repelled by crosses and sunlight, and which can turn others into new vampires either by biting them or feeding them vampire blood.



  • John Winchester labelled most of the lore on vampires as "crap," specifically referring to their reputed weaknesses to crucifixes, sunlight and stakes to the heart. But ironically, Supernatural's version of vampires is actually quite true to the real-life folklore, and the aforementioned traits actually all originate in pop culture.
  • Ironically, despite supposedly being near-extinct, vampires have appeared relatively frequently in Supernatural since their introduction in Dead Man's Blood.
  • In Dead Man's Blood, when Luther was killed with the Colt, his face briefly flashed to a more monstrous, non-human visage with sunken, small yellow eyes and canine fangs, suggesting a possible vampiric true form not seen on Supernatural.
  • In Blood Brother, Sam was able to almost immediately identify Benny as a vampire upon shaking hands with him, indicating that vampires' touch somehow feels different to humans' or that vampires have a much lower body temperature.


  1. This was the last time Eve, the creator of the vampires, was on Earth. (...And Then There Were None)

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