7x11 VetalaMain
Species information
Type : Creature (Monster)
Notable distinctions : Serpentine eyes and fangs
Paralysing venom
Main weaknesses : Silver knife
Historical information
Culture(s) of origin : Hindu mythology
Native range : Earth
Production information
First appearance : Adventures in Babysitting

Vetalas are a supernatural species, which feed on human blood and can cripple their victims with paralysing venom. They often work in pairs.


Vetalas appear human, but when one is about to feed or attack, its eyes take on a more serpentine appearance (large, bright-bluish irises and large slitted pupils), and snakelike fangs slide down over the vetala's upper-teeth (specifically the canines and central incisors).

7x11 VetalaBiteMarksPostMortem

Vetala bite marks on a victim's corpse. (Adventures in Babysitting)

Vetalas feed on human blood, and they have a venomous bite for subduing their victims. Vetala venom takes effect almost instantly when a victim is bitten, rendering the victim unconscious for a length of time, before the victim awakes. Vetalas' venom can alternatively be introduced into a human's system by ingestion in a drink, although in this case the venom's effects are more diluted. A human can survive being directly fed on two or three times by a vetala, but will usually die after the fourth feeding.

Contrary to misinformation that they're solitary, vetalas usually (but not always) hunt in pairs. Vetalas like to capture their victims alive and take them back to their lair (usually by attacking them when they're alone or out of sight, and using their venom to knock them out) to slowly feed on while the victim is still alive.

Like most other monsters, vetalas possess superhuman levels of strength (enough to easily subdue an unarmed hunter in physical combat), and they can recover within moments from extreme blunt-force trauma (such as a very sharp blow to the head with a pipe). A vetala can be killed by stabbing it in the heart with a silver knife and then twisting the knife. When a vetala dies, its body immediately shrivels up into a withered green husk. (Adventures in Babysitting)

Hunts and encountersEdit

7x11 VetalaDeadHusk

A vetala's body withering to a scaly husk upon death. (Adventures in Babysitting)

Known vetalaEdit


7x11 JohnsJournalVetala

John's journal's entry on vetalas. (Adventures in Babysitting)

In Hindu folklore, vetalas are hostile ghostly spirits, trapped between life and afterlife, who haunt cemeteries, and can take possession of corpses as vessels. Vetalas vent and make their displeasure known to humans (particularly those who are good-minded and/or love and worship God) by influencing and causing misery and suffering among humans - vetalas are said to be able to mentally influence people based on their psychological defects so as to drive them mad (and to be able to mentally weaken children to the point of suicide), and it is also said that vetalas cause miscarriages. Vetalas communicate through thoughts and mental images, and have a very deep insight into human nature. Chanting mantras can repel vetalas, and performing funerary rites can free a spirit from its existence as a vetala.


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