"You know what my job is? My job is boring, it's frustrating. You work three years for one break, and then maybe you can save... a few people. Maybe. That's the payoff. I've been busting my ass for 15 years to nail a handful of guys and all this while, there's something off in the corner so big. So yeah... sign me up for that big, frosty mug of wasting my damn life."
―Henriksen on his life and his job with the FBI.[src]
Victor Henriksen
3x12 VictorHenricksenMain
Biological information
Race : Human
Family and relatives : Multiple ex-wives
Status : Deceased
Biographical information
Died : Early 2008
Notable affiliations : FBI
Winchester brothers
Production information
Main Actor/Actress : Charles Malik Whitfield
First appearance : Nightshifter

Special Agent Victor Henriksen was an FBI Agent, who was tasked with trying to catch and arrest Sam and Dean Winchester, due to which he initially served as an antagonist to the brothers due to the manhunt for them. After learning the brothers weren't Satanist serial killers and the supernatural they fought and killed was real, Henriksen helped the brothers fight off a demon infestation, but was shortly thereafter killed by Lilith.





Special abilitiesEdit





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