Weekend at Bobby's
Production information
Season : 6
Episode : 4
Original airdate : 15 October, 2010
Directed by : Jensen Ackles
Written by : Andrew Dabb
Daniel Loflin
Preceded by : The Third Man
Followed by : Live Free or TwiHard

Weekend at Bobby's is the fourth episode of Season 6 of Supernatural.


"Chatting with friends, flirting with the neighbour lady, shoving a monster into the wood chipper. Bobby's business-as-usual weekend also includes tracking down Crowley, the double-dealing demon who promised to return Bobby's soul... and didn't."[1]

Full synopsisEdit

The episode is primarily set from Bobby's perspective and at his place, exploring his stress-filled everyday life coordinating hunters and fulfilling his other hunting duties with little free time to himself.

One year ago, the day after Sam's sacrifice to reimprison Lucifer, Bobby summons Crowley to his place to demand ownership of his soul back as Crowley had agreed. However, Crowley refuses and smugly quotes Bobby's contract, which states Crowley only has to "make best efforts" to give back Bobby's soul. Bobby, having second-guessed Crowley saying no, has Crowley tricked into a devil's trap to remain stuck until he relents, but Crowley has brought his hellhound, forcing Bobby to release him. Crowley agrees to give Bobby ten years of life, but that is all, before he collects on the deal and takes Bobby's soul to Hell.

In the present, Sam and Dean are investigating a case in Kenosha, Wisconsin where an unknown creature is on a killing spree, ripping male victims open and leaving behind a black claw. Sam and Dean call Bobby for help, and send him a picture of the claw the creature has left behind to identify it. Though Bobby is busy with other matters like finding a way out of his deal with Crowley, he still decides to help; going as far as breaking into Sioux Falls' university library for the books he needs and working throughout the night to identify Sam and Dean's creature. Bobby calls Sam and Dean at dawn to tell them the creature they're hunting is a lamia - a predatory monster usually only ever found in Greece - and the easiest one of several ways to kill it is with a padre-blessed silver dagger.

An exasperated Bobby then gets back to one of his other tasks - interrogating a captive crossroads demon in his basement, to get Crowley's original name from when the latter was human. Crowley attempts a new tactic to torture the demon - he's found the bones of her original body from when she was a human, and intends to torch them, based on a rumour that demons maintain a connection to their original human self's remains much like ghosts do. Bobby singes the bones with a blowtorch, successfully causing the demon excruciating internal burning, but the demon still doesn't give up Crowley's real name - because after the Apocalypse was averted, Crowley is no longer King of the Crossroads but the King of Hell itself. Before Bobby can torture the crossroads demon further, his bubbly neighbour Marcy Ward calls by to give him a ginger peach cobbler and ask if he could come by her place sometime. Bobby then goes back to torturing the demon, and learns from her that Crowley's human name was Fergus MacLeod. Bobby then burns the bones away, killing the crossroads demon and reducing her vessel to ash.

After killing the crossroads demon, Bobby answers calls and backs up hunters in the field, by posing as law enforcement or giving them information about their respective cases, until Rufus calls by unannounced; he comes knocking for Bobby's help burying a body after being chased by the police over it. The dead monster Rufus has is an okami, a werewolf-like creature which is only ever found in Japan, but this one was hunted in Billings, Montana. Bobby and Rufus talk about all the bizarre monster behaviour and erratic monster activity that's been going on ever since the Apocalypse was derailed. Bobby and Rufus subsequently bury the dead okami on Bobby's yard, and as they discuss Bobby's deal situation with Crowley, Rufus says he has contacts through whom he can help Bobby find where Fergus MacLeod could have lived and died in Scotland.

After Rufus has left, while Bobby is directing Sam and Dean with killing the lamia mid-combat another way (after the attempt with the blessed dagger went awry), the law enforcements who were after Rufus catch up with his trail to Bobby's. FBI Agent Adams shows up with Sheriff Jody Mills to ask about sightings of Rufus pulling into Bobby's scrapyard with a dead body. Bobby denies ever seeing Rufus, and when he and Agent Adams start getting intense, Mills breaks up the argument (and tries to avert Adams finding anything suspicious in Bobby's house) by sending Adams out to look around the yard. When Mills learns this was a bad move since Bobby has a fresh grave containing the dead okami out on his yard, he and Bobby go out to find Agent Adams before he can find it. Adams has already found the grave, but it's empty and the okami has vanished, so Bobby's able to cover the hole up as being from an accident with an exploding septic tank.

After the okami has revived and gone missing, Bobby calls Rufus, who's already two states away, about failing to kill the okami properly, and realises that the okami survived because Rufus stabbed it with a Shinto-blessed bamboo dagger only five times, when the required number of stabs to kill it is seven. When Rufus tells Bobby that this okami targets Caucasian female virgins in their sleep, he suspects the creature will go after Marcy. Bobby immediately rushes over to Marcy's and breaks in as she's getting ready for bed, and finds the okami in her bedroom. Bobby and the okami get into a violent scuffle which takes them out into Marcy's backyard, where Bobby manages to kill the ōkami permanently by shoving it through Marcy's woodchipper. In the aftermath of the okami's gruesome death, Bobby offers to come around sometime like Marcy wanted, but Marcy has been put off by the okami incident and getting splattered in its remains from the chipper.

The next day, Bobby and Rufus talk over the phone about Bobby successfully killing the okami by shredding it. Rufus tells Bobby he has found a Fergus MacLeod born in 1661 who could have been the very one that became Crowley in Hell. Rufus also reveals that as MacLeod, Crowley had a son named Gavin, who died in a shipwreck in 1723 on the way to the New World. The shipwreck was found 30 years ago, and Gavin's signet ring was recovered and is being held in a museum in Andover, Massachusetts. Bobby declares he needs to get that ring, and Rufus thinks he knows what Bobby's planning - to use the ring to summon Gavin's spirit, and use him as a hostage and demand his soul back from Crowley as a ransom. Rufus agrees to go steal the ring and get it to Bobby.

The following night, before Bobby has a chance to eat Marcy's cobbler, Dean calls him to ask about the year when the latter was off hunting, because of how different Sam feels to him. But Bobby then gets a call from Rufus and puts Dean on hold - Rufus has successfully stolen Gavin's ring, but the police are in hot pursuit, forcing him to swallow it to keep it hidden as the police catch and arrest him. Bobby then calls Dean back, but in response to being put on hold while bearing his soul to him, Dean accuses Bobby of being selfish and not trying to use his time to help. This infuriates Bobby into having Dean bring Sam in, and Bobby then yells over the phone at the brothers that while he loves them like sons, sometimes they drive him mad because of how they think he doesn't make enough time for them, when they're always asking him for help without giving a word of thanks, and reminds them that he really does have a lot of other problems to deal with too with Crowley owning his soul, and demands they think about his needs and help him for once.

The next day, when Bobby and Sheriff Mills meet to discuss Mills getting Marcy's police call about her encounter with the ōkami cleared up quietly, Bobby asks Jody for a favour - to try and get Rufus, who's being held by the Andover police, extradited to Sioux Falls so Bobby can get Gavin's ring. Initially, Mills sadly refuses because of how much it'd take for her to successfully get Rufus extradited without any serious repercussions, but the following evening, she manages to get Rufus over anyway, and gets him to Bobby's under the pretence he escaped custody. Rufus hands the ring over to Bobby, which Rufus got out of his body by 'number 2.' Bobby uses the signet ring to summon Gavin's spirit, and declares the two of them will have 'a nice long chat.'

Bobby goes on to summon Crowley and capture him in a devil's trap, but Crowley still refuses to relinquish the contract for Bobby's soul. Gavin's spirit is also useless as a bargaining chip for Bobby's soul, since Crowley and Gavin despised each-other when they were living humans, and Crowley doesn't care at all about what happens to Gavin. However, this wasn't Bobby's plan at all - Bobby's real plan was to learn exactly where Crowley's human bones are buried, and Sam and Dean have gone by plane to Scotland to dig up Crowley's bones and use them as a bargaining chip against Crowley. Dean and Bobby threaten to burn Crowley's bones and kill him unless he gives back Bobby's soul. Crowley is forced to admit defeat and erase Bobby's contract, excluding the part that keeps Bobby's legs functioning. With Crowley having given Bobby and the Winchesters what they want, he gets Bobby to free him from the devil's trap, then immediately teleports to Scotland to take and safekeep his bones.

After having won ownership of his soul back, Bobby calls Sam and Dean as they're driving off in Scotland to get a plane back to the U.S. Bobby wants to apologise for snapping over their lack of gratitude earlier, but Sam and Dean rebuff it and say he was right and that they haven't been giving him the thanks he deserves. Bobby afterwards sits down with Marcy's cobbler, only to be diverted from enjoying it yet again when duty calls.









  • This episode was directed by Jensen Ackles, and was the first one to be so.


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