Wendigo (character)
1x2 WendigoMain
Biographical information
Race : Wendigo
Occupation : N/A
Status : Deceased
Production information
Appearance(s) : Wendigo
Actor/Actress : Roy Campsall
This wendigo lived at Blackwater Ridge and awoke from hibernation to hoard humans as food every twenty-three years.


Virtually nothing is known about this wendigo's past, but it was presumably originally a human hundreds of years ago who became a cannibal at some point in their life and transformed into a wendigo as a result. By the early 20th century, the wendigo had taken up residence in an abandoned gold and silver mine at Blackwater Ridge in Lost Creek, Colorado, and would capture and hoard human campers from the area as food every twenty-three years.

The wendigo captured and devoured humans in 1936. The creature did this again in 1959; it attacked a rural cabin where the Shaw family were staying, and it took and presumably devoured and killed the parents but left the boy alive with little more than a slash. In 1982, the wendigo abducted and devoured eight victims.

The wendigo began hoarding humans as food again in 2005, taking and devouring two hikers in April. In November, the wendigo attacked Tommy Collins' camp, taking him and Gary back to its lair as food and killing Brad. Three - five days later, when Roy, Haley and Ben Collins, and Dean and Sam Winchester came to Blackwater Ridge looking for Tommy, the wendigo began stalking and hunting them, and tried to draw them out by mimicking Tommy crying for help.

When Roy at one point shot the wendigo, the aggravated creature lured him out of the circle of Anasazi symbols protecting the group, and brutally killed him by snapping his neck. The group subsequently tried to draw the wendigo out and kill it with molotov cocktails, but it managed to avoid their attempts to kill it, and captured Dean and Haley and took them back to its lair as food.

After Sam and Ben found the wendigo's lair and freed Dean, Tommy and Haley, the wendigo launched an attack and pursued the group. The creature managed to corner Sam and the Collins, but Dean then took the wendigo by surprise and shot it with a flare gun, burning the creature to death. (Wendigo)

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