Sam Winchester: "Cultures all over the world believe that eating human flesh gives a person certain abilities: speed, strength, immortality."
Dean Winchester: "If you eat enough of it, over years you become this less-than-human thing. You're always hungry."
―Sam and Dean on wendigos.[src]
1x2 Wendigo
Species information
Type : Creature
Notable distinctions : Result of human cannibalism
Green-skinned, ogre-like humanoid
Voracious man-eater
Main weaknesses : Fire
Anasazi symbols
Related to : Human
Historical information
Culture(s) of origin : Native American
Native range : Earth (North America)
Production information
Appearance : Wendigo

Wendigos are humans who have been transformed into cunning, deadly, cannibalistic supernatural predators by cannibalism.


Each wendigo was originally a human, and became what they are through indulging cannibalism; if and when a human consumes enough human flesh, over the years they will slowly transform into an agile and powerful, ogre-like creature, which has a strong hunger for and feeds on human flesh. Wendigos resemble emaciated, ogre-like humanoids, with claws and pale green skin, sharp yellow teeth and sunken, reddish-yellow eyes. (Wendigo)

Wendigos are excellent hunters, especially in the dark and at night, and are very elusive and difficult to defeat. They can also imitate humans' voices so as to lure other human prey out and make said human prey vulnerable to attack by the wendigo. (Wendigo)

Each wendigo has superhuman abilities: including extremely fast speed which allows movement from place to place within a second, without being deterred by any foliage in the way in forest environments; superhuman agility through which wendigos can jump very quickly and easily in and between forest trees; and great enough strength for a wendigo to pick up to two grown humans with ease. Wendigos are invulnerable against gunshots and knives and cannot be harmed by them, although gunshots can still irritate them. According to Sam Winchester, wendigos are also immortal and have an unlimited lifespan. (Wendigo)

1x2 WendigoMain

An up-close glimpse of a wendigo's face. (Wendigo)

The only known method of killing a wendigo is by burning it to death with fire, through means such as flare guns and molotov cocktails. Also, wendigos cannot cross protective Anasazi symbols, which allows humans to use said symbols as barriers and protection against wendigos. (Wendigo)

Wendigos live in dark, hidden lairs (such as caves and abandoned mines), and one wendigo was known to go into hibernation periods lasting twenty-three years. At the end of each hibernation period, the wendigo would awake and begin hunting for humans as food in the area around its lair. Wendigos are also constantly hungry and very experienced on how to survive long, harsh winters, and thus they usually, when hunting humans, hoard food by storing the victims alive in their lair for later. Wendigos are highly intelligent and cunning hunters, and very difficult to defeat. In woodland area, a wendigo will generally hunt and stalk its prey from up in the trees. One wendigo was also shown to devour its captured human victims alive. (Wendigo)


Wendigos are hundreds of years old, and can be found in Minnesota and northern Michigan but are much rarer in further west parts of North America such as Colorado. According to Dean Winchester, the most common way humans became wendigos was when a group of hikers, Native Americans, hunters or miners became marooned in the wilderness during harsh winters, and some members resorted to cannibalism to survive and became wendigos as a result. (Wendigo)

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1x2 JohnsJournalWendigo

John Winchester's journal's profile on wendigo. (Wendigo)

Also known as windigo among many other name variations, the wendigo appears in the legends of the Algonquian peoples; the Algonquian legends describe wendigo as a demonic half-beast creature, which could either possess a human or which could transform from a human. The wendigo is particularly associated with cannibalism, and the Algonquians believed that those that indulged in consuming human flesh were at a higher risk of possession by/transformation into a wendigo.



Roy Campsall in-costume as the wendigo, providing a clear view of what the costume used to portray the creature thatis only glimpsed in shadow looks like.

  • As mentioned by Sam in Wendigo, the wendigo's name is a Cree Indian word for "evil that devours."
  • As wendigos are what humans become through cannibalism rather than a supernatural offshoot or other separate monster race, it was believed by fans that the wendigo probably isn't counted amongst the monster species related to Eve. However, the fact that Ellsworth was coordinating demons attempting to capture a wendigo for Crowley in The Man Who Would Be King would suggest that wendigos may indeed be related to Eve.
  • According to one source, it is rumoured but unconfirmed among hunters that wendigos can control the weather through dark magic.[1]