Whore of Babylon
5x17 WhoreOfBabylonMain
Biographical information
Status : Deceased
Production information
Appearance(s) : 99 Problems
Actor/Actress : Kayla Mae Maloney

The Whore of Babylon was a creature of Hell, who was known for bearing false prophecy and using it to manipulate others. She was set to rise during the Apocalypse to lead as many people's souls as possible to damnation.


The Whore of Babylon was able to take on a human's form so as to impersonate that human after killing them, as she did with Leah Gideon when she manifested during the Apocalypse. Glimpses of the Whore's true form revealed that her true face to be nightmarishly haggard and wrinkled with large, blank grey eyes.

5x17 WhoreOfBabylonTrueForm

The Whore of Babylon's true face. (99 Problems)

The Whore of Babylon also possessed several other supernatural abilities. According to Castiel, she could read people's minds to help enforce her prophet disguise and further her goals. The Whore could also, when threatened, defend herself by using telekinesis to fling others back or shove them down.

The only weapon that could kill the Whore of Babylon is a stake made from a cypress tree in Babylon, and even then, the stake could only kill the Whore when it was wielded by a True Servant of Heaven (meaning either a devout person, or a person who agreed with and was willing to follow the Host of Heaven's intentions). When the Whore was successfully killed with the stake, her body would internally flash (similarly to demons when they were killed with a demon-killing weapon), and the stake would burn and disintegrate within the Wore's body. Angels, while unable to kill the Whore of Babylon, were able to overpower and physically restrain her. (99 Problems)


According to Castiel, the Whore of Babylon would only rise from Hell when Lucifer was free and walking the Earth. After manifesting on Earth for the Apocalypse, the Whore's purpose would be to condemn as many humans' souls as possible to Hell, so as to raise the demons' numbers for Lucifer's army in the war against Heaven. The Whore would achieve this by falsely posing as a prophet, so as to trick people into trusting her claims as supreme, divine and infallible, allowing her to manipulate the people into murdering others whom she earmarked as sinners, which would damn her followers' own souls. (99 Problems, Supernatural: The Official Companion - Season 5)


5x17 WhoreOfBabylonAsLeahGideon

The Whore impersonates Leah Gideon and targets the townspeople of Blue Earth, Minnesota for her machinations during the Apocalypse. (99 Problems)

During the Apocalypse, the Whore of Babylon manifested, murdering and stealing the form of Leah Gideon, daughter of Pastor David Gideon, in Blue Earth, Minnesota. The Whore proceeded to begin her plans to get all the townsfolk either killed or damned to Hell; pretending that she as Leah was a prophet, making the townsfolk aware of the Apocalypse by having demons secretly under her control besiege the areas around the town. The Whore lied that the angels sent her instructions in her vision meant to help the townsfolk, as "the chosen," fend off the demons and get to Paradise, validating it by giving the townsfolk's militia the locations of her demons' nests for them to clear out and to protect the town against.

Eventually, shortly after Sam and Dean Winchester had come to town, the Whore sprung her trap to trick the townsfolk into damning themselves; she first had borderline-fundamentalist commandments set up among the townsfolk to cut them off from the rest of the world and to increase her hold over them, then when the few unconvinced townsfolk inevitably disregarded the rules, the Whore claimed that the angels had told her none of the townsfolk would be allowed into Paradise unless they killed the disobedient ones. This successfully resulted in Jane murdering Paul and unknowingly damning herself.

5x17 WhoreOfBabylonKilledByBabylonianCypressStake

The Whore is slain by a Babyonian cypress stake wielded by a Servant of Heaven. (99 Problems)

The Whore then set about finishing her endgame by ordering the town militia to gather and lock up the other townsfolk to be burned alive, but the townsfolk were saved and her plans jeopardised when Sam, Dean, Castiel and Gideon, having discovered the Whore's true identity, launched an attempt to kill her with a cypress stake from Babylon. The Whore personally fought against Dean, declaring that Dean was too self-hating and faithless either to kill her or to do anything that could stop Hell from winning the apocalyptic war for the Earth. However, Dean, having become a True Servant of Heaven (the only kind of person who could kill the Whore) because he was considering saying yes to possession by Michael, was able to kill the Whore and save (most of) the townsfolk when he staked her. (99 Problems)


The Whore of Babylon was a very intelligent and manipulative entity, who possessed an intricate knowledge of people's psychology and how was best to trick them into doing what she wanted and damning themselves. She was also a very good actress, as she was able to fool not only an entire town but also even the father of the girl she was posing as that she was Leah Gideon and that her prophecies were true. Although as the Whore's endgame came closer to fruition, her mask began to fracture and the true malevolence underneath began to bleed through; seen when she impatiently snapped at Pastor David and coldly threatened to mark him for death as a 'sinner' if he didn't obey her without question.

During the scuffle with Dean in the very last moments of her life before she was slain, the Whore showed her true personality to be trash-talking, vicious, disgusted and hateful, relentlessly attempting to play on Dean's faults and self-loathing to beat him down. The Whore also seemed to have a sense of humour, as according to Castiel, her false exorcism chant actually meant, "You breed with the mouth of a goat," which is apparently connsidered funny in Enochian.


5x17 WhoreOfBabylonLore

The Whore of Babylon as mentioned in the Book of Revelation. (99 Problems)

The Whore of Babylon is a Christian figure of evil mentiond in the Book of Revelation, said to be one of the incarnations of evi that will plague the world during the Apocalypse. Revelation gives the Whore's full name as: "Babylon the Great, the Mother of Harlots and Abominations of the Earth." When the Whore arrives on the Earth, she rides on a terrible, seven-headed, ten-horned beast, she is dressed in purple and scarlet clothing and wears precious gold and jewels, and she carries a deceit-filled golden cup and is drunk on the blood of saints. The Whore will come to power over the kings and people of the Earth, but eventually, the ten kings giving power to the Beast will tire of her influence and overthrow her; they will leave her naked and in ruin, and will "eat her flesh [...] and burn her with fire."


  • The Whore of Babylon is thought to possibly also represent the False Prophet in the Supernatural universe, seeing as she pretended to be a prophet.
  • Supernatural: The Official Companion - Season 5 draws attention in the Whore of Babylon's creature profile to how she is commonly associated in real-life theology with the Antichrist, and suggests based on this that had she not been killed when she was, then she may have gone after Jesse Turner to "spin her web of lies" around him.

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