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The Winchester family are a family that was among the paternal bloodlines of Men of Letters, and continued and consisted of hunters after the order's extinction in 1958. The Winchesters have become very well-known amongst both other hunters and supernatural races such as angels, demons and reapers; for the world-affecting actions of the last two known Winchesters, Sam and Dean (the first of which was the derailment of the Apocalypse, followed by others). According to Michael, the Winchester bloodline stretches back to Cain and Abel.

Family membersEdit

  • Cain - distantmost ancestor; deceased
  • Henry Winchester - Man of Letters; husband of Millie, father of John; deceased
  • Millie Winchester - wife of Henry Winchester, mother of John; status unknown[1]
  • John Winchester - son of Henry and Millie Winchester, husband of Mary, father of Dean and Sam Winchester and Adam Milligan; born 1954, deceased
  • Mary Campbell-Winchester - wife of John Winchester, mother of Dean and Sam Winchester; born 1954, deceased
  • Dean Winchester - eldest son of John and Mary Winchester, elder brother of Sam Winchester; born 1979
  • Sam Winchester - youngest son of John and Mary Winchester, younger brother of Dean Winchester; born 1983
  • Adam Milligan - son of John Winchester and Kate Milligan, younger paternal half-brother of Sam and Dean Winchester; born 1990
  • Emma - Amazon daughter of Dean Winchester and the Amazon Lydia; born 2012, deceased

Significant relationsEdit









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