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7x5 WitchesMain
Species information
Type : Creature (Human)
Notable distinctions : Humans who regularly and excessively practice magic
Main weaknesses : Iron
Witch-killing spell
Related to : Demon (Borrower witches)
Historical information
Culture(s) of origin : Many differing worldwide cultures
Native range : Earth
Production information
First appearance : Malleus Maleficarum

Witches are humans, male or female, who regularly practice and are highly skillful at magic, specifically witchcraft, usually in the form of spells and hexes. Witches tend to become addicted due to their constant use of magic, and to misuse their witchcraft and/or become increasingly amoral towards human life as a result.



Types of witchEdit

Several different types of witch have been known to exist, although the Grand Coven only recognizes three official overall witch categories (naturals, borrowers and students). (Girls, Girls, Girls)









Witches of OzEdit


Society and interactionsEdit


Notable witch covensEdit

Hunts and encountersEdit



The concept of witches and witchcraft has existed across various cultures both primitive and advanced, throughout recorded history. In its broadest sense, witch refers to a person who taps into and utilises some form of supernatural power. A witch's powers can generally be used for their good or evil purposes, for treating and healing or for cursing and casting harm upon people.

In modern society, witches are generally associated as wicked people who utilise black magic; it is believed that this is primarily rooted in the fanaticism and pogroms during the Middle Ages; wherein accusation of witchcraft was used as a justification for torturing and burning anyone whose practices were deemed anti-Christian, or even just scapegoating fellows.



  • Dean Winchester has been known to regard witches and the devil-worshipping black magic that some of them use with disgust, showing that it makes his skin crawl in Malleus Maleficarum and It's the Great Pumpkin, Sam Winchester.
  • Borrower witches seemed to be viewed negatively as "whores" amongst demons, including the ones they gain their powers from. Ruby was ashamed of the fact that she was herself a borrower before she became a demon, with Astaroth noting that it was an understandably "mortifying" little secret. And Astaroth herself expressed scorn and disdain when revealing herself to the borrowers who harnessed her power and revealing what they'd unwittingly done for themselves in doing so.

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