5x11 WraithTrueFormMain
Species information
Type : Creature (Monster)
Notable distinctions : Organic wrist spike for feeding on brain fluids
Rotten-skinned reflection in mirrors
Dopamine-inducing touch
Main weaknesses : Silver
Related to : Eve
Historical information
Culture(s) of origin : Scottish folklore
Native range : Earth
Production information
First appearance : Sam, Interrupted

Wraiths are a supernatural species which feed on human brain fluids and can infect humans with a high dosage of dopamine.


5x11 WraithSpike

A wraith's retractable prong for sucking out and feeding on victims' brain fluids. (Sam, Interrupted)

In their true form, wraiths are humanoid with clouded grey eyes, lipless jaws, and very mottled and contorted grey skin; however, wraiths can disguise their true appearance and take human form, although mirrors will show the wraith's inhuman true form. (Sam, Interrupted, Bloodlines)

Wraiths are creatures which feed on juices and fluids found in the brain, and find brains soaked from high dosages of certain drugs and hormones like adrenaline and dopamine to be particularly delicious. For feeding directly on humans' brain fluids, wraiths each possess a retractable organic prong which unsheathes and extends from the base of their wrist, and which the wraith can extend to a length of up to approximately ten inches. The wraith feeds with this prong by introducing it directly through the skull to the victim's brain via a weak spot behind the ear, and then begin sucking the brain's fluids out through the prong. Once the wraith has finished feeding, the victim is left dead and their brain is completely sucked dry, leaving the brain blackened and shrunken. Wraiths' prongs are not particularly strong though, and can be snapped and broken off with enough strength and pressure.

One of wraiths' most notable abilities is that a wraith can, by physical contact, elevate the level of dopamine in a human's system. This causes the afflicted human victim to gradually become increasingly emotionally and psychologically unstable and causes their personal problems to take hold over their thoughts, and it can eventually even cause realistic illusions based on these issues. Also, wraiths can display levels of strength and agility higher than that of the average human when threatened, although they can be matched and bested by strong humans like experienced hunters in a fight. (Sam, Interrupted)

5x11 WraithSilverWoundBurns

A wraith's skin's painful burning reaction to a silver-inflicted cut. (Sam, Interrupted)

Wraiths have a very great weakness to silver, which seems to be worse than even most other monsters' silver weakness. A shallow cut or even direct skin contact with silver will cause the wraith's skin to burn, melt and sizzle where the silver touched it, and stabbing a wraith in the heart or slashing its throat with silver is fatal to it. (Sam, Interrupted, Bloodlines)

Hunts and encountersEdit

Known wraithsEdit


5x11 WraithLore

Martin Creaser's profile on wraiths in his hunter's journal. (Sam, Interrupted)

Wraith is a Scottish dialectal name for "ghost" or "spirit," usually used to refer to a particularly grotesque spirit. It is sometimes said that a wraith is a corrupted, undead imprint of a sorcerer or sorceress's soul, left behind after their deaths as a side-effect of unsuccessful attempts to use their own magic to heal their mortal ailments. Wraiths usually make their home in dark and sinister places. One can defeat a wraith or protect oneself against it by performing a holy ritual akin to exorcism.



  • According to Supernatural: The Official Companion - Season 5, the wraith was originally going to possess a long, extendable tongue instead of the wrist spike for sucking out its victims' brain fluids, but it was changed to the wrist spike due to realism issues with the tongue idea.

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