"Let me tell you something. I was on the fast track once. Employee of the month, every month, forever. I would walk these halls and people would AVERT THEIR EYES! I HAD RESPECT! And then they assigned me you. Now look at me. I can't close the deal on a couple of pathetic, flannel-wearing maggots!? Everybody's laughing at me... and they’re right to do it. So! Say yes, don't say yes; I'm still going to take it out of your asses. It's personal now, boys, and the last person in the history of creation you want as your enemy is me! And I'll tell you why. Lucifer may be strong, but I'm... petty. I’m going to be the angel on your shoulder for the rest of eternity!"
―Zachariah to Sam and Dean as he is driven insane by his humiliation over the brothers' defiance.[src]
5x18 ZachariahMain
Biological information
Race : Angel
Family and relatives : God (father and creator)
Other angels (siblings)
Status : Deceased
Biographical information
Died : 2010
Notable affiliations : Host of Heaven
Production information
Main Actor/Actress : Kurt Fuller
First appearance : It's a Terrible Life

Zachariah - sometimes called Zach for short - was a high-ranking angel of Heaven and Castiel's superior, who directly served the archangels as a 'senior manager' of the angels and supported the archangels' scheme to help free Lucifer and bring the Apocalypse. After the Apocalypse began, Zachariah was assigned to get Dean Winchester to consent to possession as Michael's true vessel, but he repeatedly failed; and the resulting ridicule and humiliation from his angel siblings gradually drove Zachariah insane and caused him to come to despise Dean and Sam. Zachariah was killed by Dean in his final attempt to deliver Dean to Michael.



Like all other angels, Zachariah was created by God sometime before humanity, although he presumably never actually met God. Zachariah worked in Heaven as a powerful, respected and high-ranking 'senior manager' of sorts with authority over lower-class angels such as Castiel's garrison, directly reporting to and serving the archangels for five - six millenna. After God's departure, Zachariah was among the higher-up angels who were privy to the archangels' scheme to allow the Apocalypse to occur so that they could kill Lucifer, and Zachariah supported and played along with the scheme because of how Heaven's victory in the war against Lucifer would allow them to create Paradise on Earth. (Lucifer Rising, Dark Side of the Moon, Point of No Return)

War of the sealsEdit

After the first seal was unwittingly broken by Dean Winchester in Hell, (On the Head of a Pin) the Host of Heaven had Dean resurrected (Lazarus Rising) so that he could fulfil his destiny as Michael's true vessel in Armageddon when the time came, (Sympathy for the Devil) and the Host had the low-level angels (who were non-privy to the upper echelons' scheme) deployed to Earth to fight off the demons attempting to free Lucifer, so as to make it look to the non-privy angels as though they were fighting to keep Lucifer imprisoned, and thus avoid a rebellion. (Lucifer Rising) During the angel-demon war over the seals, Zachariah initially remained in Heaven without any direct interaction in the angels' affairs with Sam and Dean on Earth; but after the situation with Uriel's treason and Luciferian-recruiting campaign and killings, Zachariah decided to intervene himself and get things with the angels on Earth back in order; descending to Earth and reluctantly possessing a vessel.

4x17 ZachariahAsDeansBoss

Zachariah as Dean "Smith's" boss at Sandover Inc.. (It's a Terrible Life)

Shortly afterwards, when Dean was having a crisis of self-confidence, Zachariah intervened to get Dean back on the right track. Zach wiped Dean and Sam's memories and fabricated new ones to make them think they were ordinary corporate workers leading separate lives, and Zach placed them in a haunted office building as workers, as a test, to prove that Dean didn't need his memories to be a hunter and that he had it in his blood. When the false Dean successfully defeated the ghost and realised that he wasn't meant to be a corporate tycoon, Zachariah, who was posing at the office as Dean's boss, restored Dean to his real self, and told Dean that he should appreciate his life as a hunter more for all the difference he made and all the women he got. (It's a Terrible Life)

Zachariah also later contacted Chuck Shurley when the latter saw a dark future in a vision, to stop Chuck from warning Sam and Dean and to tell him that all he could do was write it down as he always did. (The Monster at the End of This Book)

The final sealEdit

When 65 seals had been broken and Ruby and Lilith's plan to lead Sam to his destiny to break the final seal was set in motion, with the Apocalypse about to begin, Zachariah had Castiel transport Dean to the Beautiful Room to be kept safe and in the angels' hands until he was ready to fulfil his destiny. Zachariah initially tried to keep Dean in the dark about the angels' true endgame to allow Lucifer to be freed, and tried to force him to cooperate and obey them; but when Dean refused to put his faith in the likes of Zach and unsuccessfully tried to escape the Beautiful Room, Zachariah told Dean the truth about how the angels actually wanted the Apocalypse to occur so that they could kill Lucifer and have Paradise. Zachariah then left Dean trapped in the Beautiful Room while the plan to break the final seal played out.

4x22 ZachariahTellingTheTruthAboutDeansDestiny

Zachariah with Dean in the Beautiful Room, telling Dean the truth about his destiny to kill Lucifer in the Battle of Armageddon. (Lucifer Rising)

However, Dean managed to convince Castiel to rebel and break him out of the Beautiful Room. When Cass did indeed turn on Heaven's plans and set about helping Dean to stop Sam from breaking the last seal, Zachariah immediately returned to the Beautiful Room to stop him, but Zach was banished and temporarily incapacitated by an angel-banishing sigil before he could do anything. (Lucifer Rising)

Lucifer risenEdit

Minutes after escaping the Beautiful Room, though Cass and Dean had attempted to stop Sam from killing Lilith, Dean had failed, Lucifer was successfully freed, and Cass was killed by Raphael. (Lucifer Rising, Sympathy for the Devil) The following day, Zachariah, accompanied by two angel goons, tracked Sam and Dean down to Chuck's house, and intended to take Dean away again to be used to fulfil his destiny; trying to convince Dean by claiming that they had a common goal now of wanting Lucifer dead, and warning Dean of how much worse humanity's fate would be if Lucifer went unchecked. But Dean rejected any further alliance with Heaven after what they'd done, then banished Zach and his goons with another angel-banishing sigil.

5x1 ZachariahTorturesDean

Zachariah torturing Dean to try and break him into saying yes to Michael. (Sympathy for the Devil)

When the angels were unable to track Dean and Sam after the latter had made hexbags to cloak them, Zachariah and the angels instead deployed another plan, to trick Dean into coming right to them: Zach had a false prophecy stating that the Michael Sword (which was said to be the weapon Michael had originally used to defeat and imprison Lucifer) was at John's lock-up in New York implanted into Chuck's mind, so that Chuck would pass this information on to the Winchesters, who would in turn head for the lock-up in search of the Sword.

When Sam and Dean finally arrived at John's lock-up, Zachariah and his angel goons were waiting, and Zach told Dean the truth about the false prophecy and about how Dean was really the Michael Sword and Michael's predestined vessel. Though Zachariah tried to encourage Dean that being Michael's Sword was a great honour, Dean's resolve to take Heaven and Hell alike on and to find a better way of stopping Lucifer didn't change; prompting Zachariah to try and torture Dean into saying yes to possession by Michael, by using his powers to afflict both him and Sam with multiple broken bones, Stage 4 cancer and excruciating ailments. Before Zachariah could go any further though, Castiel, having been mysteriously resurrected, arrived and killed both the angels accompanying Zach. Unnerved by Cass's inexplicable resurrection and frightened by the thought that God could have been behind it, Zach complied with Cass's demand that he heal Sam and Dean and then flee. (Sympathy for the Devil)

The futureEdit

5x4 Zachariah+DeanAfterSeeing2014

Zachariah confronts Dean with what he's just seen will happen in the future if he doesn't change his path. (The End)

Immediately after the events at John's lock-up, Cass fully cloaked Sam and Dean from supernatural tracking by all angels, by branding their ribs with Enochian sigils. (Sympathy for the Devil) With no angel able to trace Dean's whereabouts, Zachariah resorted to using extremist Christians as spies to locate Dean by giving them Dean's image and instructions to look out for his face. The angels were alerted to Dean's location when a preacher in Kansas City spotted Dean checking into a hotel for the night. In an attempt to convince Dean that saying yes to Michael was the only way that he could stop the Devil and not make the Apocalypse situation even worse, Zachariah transported Dean into an apocalyptic, Croatoan-ravaged 2014, then left him to spend three days there and see what would happen if Dean continued on his current course of action.

After discovering the grim and terrible fates of his brother, his friends and the world in this future, Dean was taken by Zachariah back to where and when in the present that he'd left. Zachariah confronted Dean with what he'd seen in the future, and encouraged him that it was up to him to say yes to Michael if he wanted to save Sam and the rest of humanity from Lucifer. However, in spite of what he'd seen and learned in the future, Dean decided that the lesson Zach was trying to teach wasn't the one that he'd learned, and said no once again. With the view of the future having failed to turn Dean over, a furious Zachariah decided he would just keep re-teaching until Dean said yes now that he had Dean in his clutches, but Castiel managed to teleport Dean away from Zachariah to safety while Zach was distracted proclaiming his intentions. (The End)

Resurrecting the WinchestersEdit

Over the following months, due to Zachariah's repeated failures to get Dean to say yes to Michael, his reputation in Heaven went downhill; he went from being respected and high-ranking to beng practically mocked and laughed at by his fellow angels, causing Zach to develop a seething and genuine hatred towards the Winchesters for causing him this by repeatedly saying no to their destinies.

5x16 ZachariahTauntsSam+DeanWithMaryApparition

Zachariah, made increasingly darker by the damage the Winchesters' defiance is causing to his life, vulgarly fondles an apparition of Mary in front of the boys in Heaven. (Dark Side of the Moon)

When Sam and Dean were killed by Walt and Roy and their souls sent to Heaven, Zachariah was deployed in Heaven to find and resurrect the Winchesters so that they'd be alive to fulfil their roles as Michael and Lucifer's vessels. Searching through Sam and Dean's happy memories in their personal Heaven, Zachariah eventually tracked them down and gave chase, but while he was toying with them rather than capturing them, the boys managed to escape from Zach to another part of Heaven with Ash's intervention.

Ash afterwards attempted to get Sam and Dean to the Garden so that they could find Joshua, but when Ash sent the Winchesters off through a portal aimed at the Garden, Zachariah intercepted and diverted the boys. Though assigned to resurrect Sam and Dean, Zachariah intended to terribly torture and break the boys first as personal revenge on them for ruining his career and making his life in Heaven a misery. Zachariah viciously taunted and tormented he brothers by summoning a taunting apparition of their mother and fondling it, but before the torture could begin in full, Joshua arrived to intervene. Though Zachariah declared that Joshua, as a gardener angel, had no right here and could be expendably 'fired,' when Joshua declared that it was God's orders that Sam and Dean come with Joshua to the Garden, Zach, terrified by the thought of invoking God's wrath, backed off and fled. (Dark Side of the Moon)

Last chanceEdit

5x18 MichaelOffersZachariahOneLastChance

Michael offers Zachariah one last chance to succeed in delivering Dean. (Point of No Return)

Not long after losing his hold on Sam and Dean yet again while they were in Heaven, Zachariah was finally fired from the Host of Heaven due to his constant failures to deliver Dean to Michael and get him to say yes. As he awaited his destruction, Zachariah went to a bar on Earth to drink away his troubles and sympathise with a fellow bar patron, before Michael arrived in his true form. But instead of literally 'firing' Zach, Michael offered him one last chance to succeed in delivering Dean, which Zachariah eagerly accepted. Michael had Zachariah initiate a plan to capture Dean and deliver him to Michael: the angels woud resurrect Adam Milligan under the false pretence that he would be used as a "Plan B" vessel for Michael, then when Zachariah took custody of Adam to deliver him to Michael, Sam and Dean would undoubtedly go to save Adam and walk right into a trap.

Once Adam was resurrected, Castiel got to him before the angel escorts, and took him back to Bobby's and cloaked him by branding his ribs. However, when the angels were unable to find Adam, Zachariah contacted Adam in a dream, and turned him from the Winchesters back over to the angels' plans by reminding Adam that his late mother (whom he'd been promised he would see again if he agreed to the angels' plans) as his real family and not Sam and Dean. Adam then gave his location away in the dream, allowing Zachariah to find Adam and teleport him away to the Beautiful Room. However, when Zachariah confessed the true endgame behind the angels' plan with him, Adam was angered that they'd played him and became uncooperative, but this only prompted Zach to biokinetically torture and cripple Adam, and hold him against his will as bait to lure Dean into the trap.

When Sam and Dean tracked the Beautiful Room's location down, after Castiel took out the angel guards, the Winchesters walked right into the trap as Michael and Zachariah had planned. Before the brothers could kill Zach or escape with Adam, Zachariah incapacitated Sam's attack, then forced Dean to helplessly watch as Zach biokinetically caused both Sam and Adam to hemorrhage in crippling agony on the floor. Dean, worn down over the months by the repeated defeats in the fight to stop the Apocalypse, finally gave in and brokenly agreed to say yes if Zachariah would leave his brothers alone. Zachariah then proceeded to send out an Enochian call to summon Michael down from Heaven, now that they had Dean where they wanted and the way they wanted him.

5x18 ZachariahDeath

Zachariah's death at the hands of the human he hated the most. (Point of No Return)

But as Zach eagerly awaited Michael's arrival, a suddenly-restrengthened Dean declared that he would let Michael possess him only after watching Michael utterly disintegrate Zach. Enraged by this, Zachariah went forward and grabbed Dean, declaring that Dean was nothing in comparison to him and that Michael wasn't going to kill him. But with Zach's guard completely down, Dean was able to stab Zachariah up through the skull with a concealed angel blade, killing him once and for all. (Point of No Return)


Unlike most other angels, who had trouble grasping humans' social concepts, Zachariah possessed a significantly more human and sociable demeanor, enough to pass off as human without even hunters who knew about angels recognising something was off about him. Zachariah usually, when conversing with others, exercised sharp, witty, encouraging and cheerful behavior which made him appear as a nice person; and Zach could sometimes even be serious and sympathetic, during very serious moments or when a human he was talking with was upset by the angels' plans concerning them. However, when Zachariah's friendly and sympathetic approach failed and others remained troublesome and uncooperative, Zach's patience could quickly wear dangerously thin, causing him to switch moods to highly intimidating, cold and threateningly cruel.

Zachariah was a highly prideful angel due to his high-ranking position; he was personally contemptuous of humans as "pig-filthy" and "pathetic, flannel-wearing maggots," and he likewise treated low-ranking angels such as Joshua as lowly and expendable inferior assets. Zachariah also in this respect believed that between himself and the Winchesters during the Apocalypse, he was the only one who had the perception to understand what it really meant, which was why he was fully resolved that the end (Paradise) justified that means (Armageddon) no matter why it was that the Wichesters and their friends viewed it differently. In spite of his pride, scorn and arrogance, Zachariah had a petty and cowardly side, as he apparently greatly feared the prospect of God's return, and even asking where God was seemed to make Zach stone-faced uneasy.

During his mission to get Dean to say yes to Michael, Zachariah was increasingly pushed and frustrated by his constant failures to get Dean to say yes, and the anger and humiliation that a puny creature like a human was getting in the way of his next big promotion and ruining his career caused Zach's relationship with Sam and Dean to darken from professional contempt and disdain to a seething personal hatred. Zachariah's personality darkened greatly, and he became increasingly short-tempered and malicious; using his powers to torture Sam and Dean with suffocation and stomach cancer to get Dean to say yes, and viciously tormenting them by fondling an apparition of the brothers' late mother in front of them. By the time of his final attempt to deliver Dean to Michael, Zachariah's hatred for the Winchesters had gotten to such a point, that he tortured Adam by making him hemorrhage, just to silence his 'complaints.'

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Zachariah was a highly powerful angel; stronger than regular and low-level angels, but still inferior to an archangel like Michael. He possessed the basic angelic abilities of: telekinesis, with which to shift objects aound; teleportation of himself and others to and from any location he desired which wasn't warded against angels; healing and reversing severe physical damage and sickness inflicted on humans; resurrecting the dead, provided that he had access to both the deceased subject's body and soul; and contacting humans in their dreams even if they were warded against angelic detection. Like other angels, he was immune to all earthly methods of killing.

Zachariah was apparently capable of killing angels weaker than himself, as he possessed the power to literally "fire" Joshua. Zachariah also possessed particularly deadly biokinetic abilities, with which he could manipulate humans' biology to torture them; Zach could use this power to snap a human's legs with a finger-gun and a word, to make humans hemorrhage excruciatingly and cripplingly, to take away a human's lungs while they were still alive, and to instantaneously give a person Stage 4 stomach cancer. Zachariah could also erase, alter and fabricate people's memories, and reverse the process easily.

Zach could transport himself and others backwards or forwards through time with ease, and he didn't seem to be heavily drained by the process as low-level angels were. Zachariah may have possessed a level of telepathic mind-reading, or at least a heightened sense of empathic awareness, judging from how he was able to instantly tell when Dean was thinking of bludgeoning him with a nearby bust. Zachariah could warp and alter reality to some extent, especially in supernatural spaces with malleable reality, such as Heaven or the Beautiful Room; he could change it from night to day with a snap of his fingers, he could create, control and deactivate apparitions, and he could alter the place's design to remove or erase all exits.


5x18 ZachariahCorpse

Zachariah's corpse lies in the Beautiful Room after he is killed with an angel blade. (Point of No Return)

Zachariah couldn't supernaturally locate humans who were shielded against angelic radar by hexbags or Enochian sigils, and it was possible to blast and temporarily banish him using an angel-banishing sigil. Zachariah could also be killed by an angel blade or by a much more powerful celestial such as Michael.



  • Though no official confirmation is known to this wiki, Zachariah is widely said to be a seraph, which would fit with his elite rank in Heaven. Also, Zach's description of his true form in Dark Side of the Moon as possessing six wings, and four faces including a lion's, is a mixture of seraphim and cherubim's description in lore.
  • In Supernatural: The Official Companion - Season 4, Kurt Fuller revealed that Zachariah's vessel was an insurance company's actuary who spent all day, every day figuring out how much each life was worth in plane crashes.
  • Zachariah's disdain for humanity is ironic, as he himself is among the most humanlike angels known, alongside Gabriel and Metatron.

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